Why are cannon bars so expensive?

Why are cannon bars so expensive?

Why do Cannon Bars Cost so Much? Each bar is handcrafted and built to the highest quality standards. When you consider that a Cannon Bar will often out last a mass produced bar by three or more times you can see why they really are less expensive over the long run.

What’s the biggest chainsaw bar made?

Big Gus is a working chainsaw measuring 22 ft 11 inches long and 6 ft high. It was made by Moran Iron Works, Inc. of Onaway, Michigan, in 1996. It is on display at Da Yoopers Tourist Trap at Ishpeming, Michigan, USA, alongside the world’s largest working rifle.

Can you put any brand bar on a chainsaw?

More specifically, chainsaw bars vary both in mount geometry as well as in intended chain pitch and gauge, which must match those of your saw and chain. Because of this, you cannot just fit any bar on any saw.

What is the tail mount on a chainsaw bar?

Tail: this is the part of the guide bar that fits inside the body of the chainsaw. Mounting slot: a shaped hole that connects the guide bar to the machine by means of large screws with threaded ends (studs). Adjuster hole: this houses the pawl needed to adjust the chain tension.

How much is a Husqvarna 3120?

Husqvarna Power Equipment 3120 XP • $1,869.99 This saw is designed to pull the chain on our longest bars. Like all Husqvarna chainsaws, the 3120 XP® has a superior power-to-weight ratio.

What’s the most expensive chainsaw?

A direct replacement of the MS 880, the MS 881 is the most powerful chainsaw in the market with the highest displacement (121.6 cc) and engine power (6.4 kW)….The world’s most powerful production chainsaw.

Technical data Value
System weight kg 2) 12.57 / 13.23 / 14.24
Maximum RPM 1/min 3) 11,000

Will a Husqvarna bar fit a Stihl?

Husqvarna Large mount bars are often an excellent match for Stihl 3003 mount saws. They can also be made to fit together, although this involves widening the mounting slot and takes some work. Mounting slot: The Husqvarna Large bar mounting slot is too narrow for the Stihl 3003 bar studs (9 mm vs. 12.1 mm).

What is a chainsaw scabbard?

The scabbard provides reliable protection against injuries from the sharp cutting attachment. For safely storing or transporting chainsaws, we recommend our practical chainsaw carry bag or STIHL chainsaw carrying case.

What type of chainsaw bar should I buy?

A high-strength solid chainsaw bar is probably your best bet. Are you a homeowner performing some day-to-day pruning around the house? If so, a lightweight and corrosion-resistant laminated chainsaw bar is a great pick.

Can I order a chain for my bar?

If you want chain with your bar call the shop to order so we make sure that you get the right product for your needs. We do custom chains and stock chains in most pitches and gauges. We can also get regular in stock bars from GB, Silverstreak, Oregon, Windsor, and Carlton.

Do you do custom chains and stock chains?

We do custom chains and stock chains in most pitches and gauges. We can also get regular in stock bars from GB, Silverstreak, Oregon, Windsor, and Carlton. 3/8 pitch, 7 spline, 10 tooth competition sprocket, made from alloy material for improved chain speed.

What size bar does a Stihl Rs full chisel chain have?

16″ Professional solid milled bar with 3 rivit windsor replaceable tip. 3/8″ Pitch, .050″ Gauge Bar in good used shape. Stihl RS full chisel chain has over half life remaining but needs to be sharpened. 164050STA Fits Most mid and large sized Stihl chainsaws with 3/8 pitch. 024, 026, 026 PR… Sold Out!