Who was the Mariachi in the movie El Mariachi?

Who was the Mariachi in the movie El Mariachi?

For the scene in which the Mariachi delivers a song in front of Dominó, Rodriguez hired a local entertainer. Recording the song with little more than a microphone held next to the musician, Rodriguez pitched the voice to match the voice of Mariachi actor Carlos Gallardo.

Why did Robert Rodriguez cut costs on El Mariachi?

Rodriguez heavily stresses the need for cost cutting, “because if you start to spend, you cannot stop anymore.” This is why he cut costs at every possible opportunity. He did not use a slate; the actors, instead, signaled the number of scene and number of take with their fingers.

What kind of lighting was used in El Mariachi?

Professional lighting was replaced by two 200-watt clip-on desk lamps. No film crew was hired; actors not in the scenes helped out.

Where was the intro bar scene in El Mariachi filmed?

Also, the female warden and the male guard were the real-life warden and guard; Rodriguez thought it convenient because it saved him the cost of hiring actors and renting clothing. The intro bar scene was shot inside the Corona Club and exterior street scenes were shot on Hidalgo Street.

How much money did Columbia spend on El Mariachi?

Columbia eventually spent $200,000 to transfer the print to film, to remix the sound, and on other post-production work, then spent millions more on marketing and distribution.

Why was Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha called El Mexicano?

This, coupled with his infatuation with Mexican popular culture, music, and horse culture, and his fondness for foul language, earned him the nickname El Mexicano (the Mexican ). He owned a string of farms in his hometown in the locality of Pacho with Mexican inspired names such as Cuernavaca, Chihuahua, Sonora and Mazatlán.

How did El Mariachi kill Moco in the Outsiders?

Overcome with grief and rage, the Mariachi picks up Azul’s gun with his right hand and kills Moco, avenging Dominó’s death. Moco’s surviving henchmen, seeing their leader dead, walk off carelessly and leave Moco’s body and the wounded Mariachi behind.