Who owns Hana-Maui Resort?

Who owns Hana-Maui Resort?

Mani Brothers Real Estate Group
The 74-year-old property, most recently known as Travaasa Hana, was sold to Mani Brothers Real Estate Group in December 2019. This year, the new owners chose to partner with Hyatt and its Destination Hotels brand for the next era of the resort, and this summer the name was officially changed to the Hana-Maui Resort.

Is it worth staying in Hana-Maui?

A one night stay is absolutely worth it. It gives you the opportunity to not feel rushed on your journey and you can make as many stops as you want. Plus, you get the chance to do activities on the route home, like the Pipiwai Trail or the ‘Ohe’o Gulch. And lastly, a night stay in Hana is quiet and peaceful.

What happened Travaasa Hana?

The 75-room Travaasa Hana will be rebranded Hana-Maui Resort under the management of Hyatt’s Destination Hotels brand, Hyatt Hotels Corp. The Hyatt affiliate entered into a management agreement with Mani Brothers Real Estate Group, which announced the purchase of the 72-acre resort from Green Tea LLC on Sept. 27.

Who bought Travaasa Hana?

Hollywood’s Mani Brothers Real Estate Group
West Hollywood’s Mani Brothers Real Estate Group announced Friday the purchase of the Travaasa Hana resort. The 72-acre oceanfront resort includes 75 private bungalows, pools, hot tubs and spa.

How many days do you need in Hana Maui?

Hana has little things to do other than the beaches, however two days will do especially if going to hike at the Pipiwai trail as well as wailua falls, the lava tube,the garden to the north and the black sand beach.

Can you do Road to Hana in one day?

When you plan a trip to Maui, there’s one adventure that pops up in nearly every recommendation: The Road to Hana. It is a beautiful adventure if you’re up for the drive. It’s possible to do the Road to Hana in one day but it takes an early wakeup and some prep work to maximize your day of driving.

Has anyone ever died on the Road to Hana?

Though the exact accident numbers are hard to track since they are combined with statistics of the whole island, deaths from the road are documented. The two most recent deaths were both located at a section called Maliko Gulch near mile marker 11. 2018, a 47-year-old local man died in the same location during the day.