Who is the owner of the company Medion?

Who is the owner of the company Medion?

Medion, originally founded as Brachmann & Linnemann OHG, is best known as a manufacturer of notebooks, computers (e.g. the Akoya models), monitors and televisions. A well-known brand of Medion is also Lifetec. In 2011, the company was taken over by Lenovo, and Lenovo is currently to have approximately 80% of Medion’s shares.

Is there a way to update all Medion drivers?

All Medion drivers – including many other drivers for your computer such as Asus, Fujitsu FSC, HP, Dell, IBM, Samsung, Lenovo, Apple, Epson, Sony, AMD, Toshiba and devices or hardware such as USB, printers, network, monitors, scanners – our SecuPerts Driver Updater offers all this easily, step by step.

What kind of quality does Medion care for?

With MEDION, innovative, high-performance technology at an affordable price meets extraordinary quality.  Top-of-the-line quality is our highest priority during the development of all of our products, which is reflected in every detail and component, ensuring your satisfaction.

Who is Medion waste management in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, Medion is a member of the AERCCR Group Plan registered with the State Department of Environmental Protection and in compliance with Electronic Waste Management Act.

What kind of cooperation does Medion have with Aldi?

Medion’s reputation is based above all on its cooperation with major retail chains such as Aldi and Media Markt.

What can I expect from the Medion service?

By registering you can expect to receive exclusive information – precisely tailored to your product. Track an open service action. Find special manuals, software and driver downloads for your product. Or you can simply contact the MEDION service team. The service portal provides great assistance.

How big is the memory on the Medion lifetab?

7″ HD multi-touch display (1,024 x 600 pixels) with anti-fingerprint coating and IPS technology, to ensure consistent, accurate color from all viewing angles 16 GB memory can be expanded to 80 GB with external memory card (not included) The new MEDION ® LIFETAB ® …

Which is the best laptop to buy from Medion?

Looking for a high quality laptop? MEDION offers a great selection of laptops. Experience increased efficiency at work and for your everyday life! With our high quality laptops we offer a wide range of models suitable for any type of user or application.