Who is the architect of Indian Habitat Centre?

Who is the architect of Indian Habitat Centre?

Joseph Allen Stein
India Habitat Centre/Architects
Spread over an area of nine acres the IHC campus has been designed and built by Joseph Stein, Doshi and Bhalla who have created an island of architectural excellence in the busy metropolis of India’s capital, Delhi.

When was India Habitat Centre built?

The India Habitat Centre was started in 1993.

What is IHC membership?

Any organization, society, institution or corporate body which has abiding interests in the proper development of human settlements and related areas of environment management & design, energy and ecology management as embodied in the objects of IHC can be admitted as Corporate Member in accordance with the rules, on …

Who designed the India International Centre at Delhi?

India International Centre/Architects
The India International Centre (IIC), designed by Joseph Allen Stein in 1958 in New Delhi, is a significant work from the early period of modernisation following Indian independence.

Who is the Centre of India?

Mumbai, India Nagpur is precisely at the geographical centre-point of India and the zero mile marker is located here. The distances of various major cities which are measured from here are carved on the pillar erected at this zero mile site.

What is international center?

The International Center is a catalyst to inform, convene, and connect public, private, and civic global objectives in Indiana. For nearly half a century, The International Center has served as a guide to the world’s cultural landscape and a catalyst for the state’s international growth.

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7. About • The India Habitat Centre is a multipurpose building in New Delhi, India. Mixing work, commercial and social spaces, the Indian Habitat Centre is India’s most comprehensive convention centre 8. Address Address: Lodhi Road, Near Airforce Bal Bharati School, New Delhi, Delhi 110003 Architect: Joseph Allen Stein 9.

What was the cost of India Habitat Centre?

6000 sqm. The office was invited by Joseph Allen Stein to provide the interior architecture of the main conference/ cultural complex of the India Habitat Centre. The scope required detailed design of the total work that cost about 35 million Rupees in 1994.

Who is the architect of the IHC in India?

Both are cultural centers designed by Joseph Allen Stein. Looking exactly for Habitat centres might not help as IHC is a masterpiece in itself. hello ! krishna sir, I am searching for more habitat centres in india. Can you please reply the list of the centres. 1. INDIA HABITAT CENTRE- LOCATION : LODHI ROAD, NEW DELHI- ARCHITECT : JOSEPH ALLEN STIEN

Which is the best feature of Indian Habitat Center?

In keeping with its habitat theme, the whole complex has been generously provided with natural greenery to provide an undiluted experience of open nature. The fountain just beyond the second entrance serves purpose not only by being spectacular, but also by relieving the surroundings of the heat.