Who is on the cover of Blind Melon Soup album?

Who is on the cover of Blind Melon Soup album?

Andy Wallace
Soup was released on August 15th, 1995, under the production of Nirvana and Rage Against The Machine’s producer, Andy Wallace (who is on the front album cover). The album was released just a mere 2 months before Shannon Hoon’s fatal cocaine overdose.

What album is change by Blind Melon on?

Blind Melon

What album is No Rain by Blind Melon on?

No Rain/Album

Did Shannon Hoon sing on Nico?

The album was released after lead singer Shannon Hoon’s cocaine overdose that resulted in his death in 1995….Nico (album)

Recorded 1991–March 7, 1995
Genre Alternative rock
Length 41:02
Label Capitol

Who sings on mouthful of cavities?

Mouthful of Cavities/Artists

Who is Shannon Hoon’s daughter?

Nico Blue
Shannon Hoon/Daughters

Is change by Blind Melon a cover?

Singer-songwriter Jerry Castle covers Blind Melon’s “Change” on his new album ‘Not So Soft Landing. For the final track of Not So Soft Landing, Castle chose to cover the Nineties rock-and-folk band’s song “Change.”

Does Blind Melon have a new singer?

Blind Melon, with new lead singer Travis Warren, will play tonight in the Redstone Room at the River Music Experience, Davenport. Now the band — Christopher Thorn on guitar, Rogers Stevens on guitar, Brad Smith on bass and Glen Graham on drums — is making a comeback with a new album and a new vocalist, Travis Warren.

Can bee girl really sing?

While Heather was the star of Blind Melon’s “No Rain” music video, her personal talents don’t lie in singing. She got to show off her tap dancing skills in the video, but that shoot helped further Heather’s career in acting.

Why did Shannon Hoon wear a dress?

For Blind Melon’s exhilarating set, Hoon opted to wear his girlfriend’s white dress which was quite the statement back in ’94, a time when society was no way near as progressive as it is today and signified the sort of accepting character that he was.

Was Shannon Hoon high at Woodstock?

In 1994, Blind Melon appeared at Woodstock ’94 where Hoon, allegedly high on LSD, went onstage wearing his girlfriend’s white dress. After taking a hiatus from touring, Blind Melon returned to the studio to record the album Soup in New Orleans. Soup was released in 1995.

Where is Shannon hoons daughter now?

Nathan Garrett didn’t personally know Hoon, the 28-year-old lead singer of Blind Melon who died in his sleep on a tour bus in New Orleans, but when a friend called him Saturday night with the news, Garrett said, he put on his well-worn Blind Melon “bee girl” tour T-shirt in tribute.