Which is better Baofeng UV-5R or UV 82?

Which is better Baofeng UV-5R or UV 82?

The 82 feels better in your hand. The body seems like it would withstand incidental contact with the elements better than the UV-5R, but it’s not waterproof. It also has fewer sharp edges to snag on things. The 82 is about 1″ taller (body only) than the 5R.

What is the difference between Baofeng UV-5R and UV 5RE?

Really the UV-5RE is just a cosmetic variant of the UV-5R. But it is still a great reference. The main differences with these units is FIRMWARE! The firmware can be checked by powering off the unit and holding the “3” key down as you power it on.

Is it illegal to use Baofeng as just a walkie talkie?

While it’s true many of the Baofengs are wide open on any frequency in the 136–174Mhz and 400–520Mhz range, and it is illegal to import, market and sell these devices, it is not illegal to own or operate these devices if you are a licensed Amateur radio operator and you are operating only on amateur radio frequencies.

How many channels does a BaoFeng UV 82 have?

You can program your BaoFeng UV-82 exactly how you want it. There are 128 programmable memory channels. You can add or remove channels from scanning list using the free computer software.

How far can a Baofeng UV-5R transmit?

So, in a real world in average terrain how far will the Baofeng UV-5R radios really transmit. With 5 watts of output power and a good antenna expect 20-30 miles. If you live in an area with lots of hills and trees, you can cut that figure almost in half without an external antenna.

Is Baofeng UV-5R legal?

The BaoFeng UV-5R is legal for use on amateur frequencies. The UV-5R is able to Transmit on Narrowband (12.5kHz) and Wideband (25kHz). The BaoFeng UV-5R has one built-in receiver but can “watch” two channels (semi duplex).

Are BaoFeng radios Legal 2020?

Is BaoFeng UV-5R legal?

Which is better uv-b5 or uv-82?

(Note: UV-B6 is just like the UV-B5, except the 6 has a flashlight instead of the channel encoder knob). Tbe UV-82 is the easiest to hold of the bunch because it is larger. Other than that I can’t say it differs much from the UV-5RA. It is a little bigger, has a much bigger battery, a slightly better light.

Which is better uv-82hp or bf-f8hp?

The BF-F8HP is a dual band handheld radio that improves on the UV-5R with more transmit power based on a new generation chipset – along with new concierge service. The UV-82HP is the second generation of the classic UV-82 Series.

What’s the difference between a uv-b5 and B6 radio?

The slight differences between the two radios can almost immediately be spotted. The UV-B5 has a channel select knob at the top of the radio where the UV-B6 has an LED flashlight. The radio must be on to use the flashlight. The UV-B5 has an red alarm button just below the antenna where the UV-B6 has none.

Which is better the GT 3 or the UV 5R?

Which one? UV-5R vs UV-82 vs GT-3 There are now so many radios build around Baofeng UV-5R circuitry and software that potential buyers don’t know which one to pick. Most questions I get by e-mail are about choosing one of these three Baofeng radios: UV-5R (whatever variety), UV-82 and the new GT-3.