Where is Thiksey Monastery found?

Where is Thiksey Monastery found?

The monastery is located at an altitude of 3,600 metres (11,800 ft) in the Indus Valley….Thikse Monastery.

Location Thiksey, Ladakh, India
Location within Kashmir region
Geographic coordinates 34°03′20.41″N 77°39′59.4″ECoordinates: 34°03′20.41″N 77°39′59.4″E

Who built Thiksey Monastery?

Jangsem Sherab Zangpo
The history of Thiksey Monastery states that the gompa is a 15th century structure. In 1433, Jangsem Sherab Zangpo, the disciple of Tsongkhapa (the founder of the Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddism), founded a small village monastery called Lhakhang Serpo “Yellow Temple” in Stagmo, north of the Indus.

How old is Thiksey Monastery?

Located to the North of the Indus River on a hilltop, less than 20km from Leh town, Thiksey Monastery built in 1430 AD belongs to the Gelukpa Order of Buddhism.

Which monastery is situated in Ladakh?

Often considered the most beautiful monastery in all of Ladakh, Thiksey Gompa is located about 22 km away from Leh. It belongs to the Gelugpa sect of Buddhism. In 1430 AD, the gompa of Thiksey Monastery was built on a hillock by Spon Paldan Sherab. There are many religious objects and shrines located in this monastery.

What is Ladakh known as?

Ladakh is also known as Khapa-chan which means snow land.

Which type of desert is Ladakh?

The Cold Desert
Ladakh is a cold desert in India. It lies in the Great Himalayas, on the eastern side of Jammu and Kashmir. It has the mighty Karakoram Range in the North and in the south, it is bound by the Zanskar mountains.

Which is the oldest monastery in Ladakh?

Lamayuru Monastery
Lamayuru or Yuru Monastery (Tibetan: བླ་མ་གཡུང་དྲུང་དགོན་པ་, Wylie: bla ma gyung drung dgon pa “Eternal Monastery”) is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Lamayouro, Leh district, Ladakh, India….

Lamayuru Monastery
Style Oldest and largest existing gompa in Ladakh
Founder Naropa

Which is the capital of Ladakh?


What is Ladakh famous for?

Ladakh is quite famous for its incandescent mountains and longing valleys; all of which makes it a hot favourite amongst travellers. Some top-notch places for trekking and camping include Tso Moriri, Stok Kangri, Chadar and Markha Valley.

Which is the coldest desert in Ladakh?

Ladakh Desert- The Coldest Region. Ladakh is enclosed between the north by the Karakoram Range and Zanskar Mountains in the south. One of the reasons why Ladakh is the coldest desert is because it is located at a high altitude. The air here is so thin that one can feel the sun’s heat.

Which is the coldest desert in India?

Ladakh is a cold desert in India. It lies in the Great Himalayas, on the eastern side of Jammu and Kashmir.

Where is the Thikse Monastery in Ladakh located?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Thikse Gompa or Thikse Monastery (also transliterated from Ladakhi as Tiksey, Thiksey or Thiksay) is a gompa (Tibetan-style monastery) affiliated with the Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism. It is located on top of a hill in Thiksey approximately 19 kilometres (12 mi) east of Leh in Ladakh, India.

Which is the best time to visit Thiksey Monastery?

A lot of tourists visit the monastery in the morning time to be the witness of morning prayers at Thiksay Monastery. The entry fee at Thiksey Monastery is Rs. 20 for both locals and foreigners. There is no additional fee for carrying a camera. Thiksey Monastery remains open from 7 am to 7 pm all days of the week.

How is Thikse Monastery similar to Potala Palace?

The architecture of the monastery strongly resembles the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet, the former official seat of the Dalai Lamas. Thus, Thikse Monastery is also known as ‘Mini Potala’. The motorable approach road from the valley passes through the east side of the Thikse Monastery’s main building.

Which is the best place to visit in Ladakh?

Those lovely structures perched on outcrops, giving an air of timelessness. If you haven’t been to Ladakh, then it’s worth knowing that the monasteries in Ladakh are fascinating places to visit. One of such monasteries is Thiksey Monastery, located at an altitude of almost 3,600m in the Thiksey village.