Where is the SELCAL code?

Where is the SELCAL code?

field 18
The SELCAL code is entered into field 18 of the aircraft’s flight plan that is filed with the relevant aviation authorities. When a ground station wishes to communicate with an aircraft, the radio operator enters the required SELCAL code into the radio system which then transmits the SELCAL tones.

Where is SELCAL used?

The use of SELCAL allows an aircraft crew to be notified of incoming communications even when the aircraft’s radio has been muted. Thus, crewmembers need not devote their attention to continuous radio listening.

What is the purpose of SELCAL decoder?

Aircraft SELCAL Decoder When a call is identified for the aircraft, the decoder actuates a signal indicator which may be a light, a chime, or any combination of such crew alerting devices, and enables swift and reliable answering of the call.

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