Where can I find the Sky TV Guide?

Where can I find the Sky TV Guide?

We’ve laid out the Sky TV guides, listing the channels in an easy to use format below. Simply click on the links below for the schedules and listings for that day. Since the 1980’s Sky has been a familiar name in the UK, with their subscription service for film channels and Sky sports.

What kind of movies can I watch on Sky?

Sky Movies is the place to be this May, with an exciting mix of premieres making their way to the small screen including; The King Of Staten Island, Force Of Nature, The High Note, Hard Kill, Danger Close and Nomadland. Plus there are a bunch of big titles making a welcome comeback to the library including 8 Mile, Doom and The Longest Yard.

When do the new Sky Movies come out?

Sky Movies Premiere – Wednesday – 22. April 2020 11:35 – Jacqueline Wilson: Four Kids…

Where to watch Sky go abroad in UK?

Click here to read our guide on how to use Sky Go abroad. Vito struggles to make a living, legally or illegally, for his wife and family in 1910s Little Italy, while Michael Corleone’s 1950s business expansion and lust for power leads to paranoia and the destruction of his family.

Sitting within the Watch section of Sky.com, our online TV Guide uses an extensive filter system to let you search by day, genre or by region. Not only can you still record via the TV Guide, but you can also, when available, watch now via Sky Go or download straight to your set top box so your favourite shows are waiting for you when you get home.

Are there any new movies on Sky Cinema?

The New Mutants, Kajillionaire, The Comeback Trail and more. Sky Cinema has been treating movie fans to a brand-new premiere every single day for a while now, but there’s sometimes so much choice, a potential new favourite could slip unnoticed.

Do you have to have Netflix to watch Sky Movies?

Selection of shows/series available & varies each month. Requires compatible Sky box connected to broadband (min. recommended speed: SD: 3 Mb/s; HD: 8Mb/s UHD: 25Mb/s. Netflix available without new minimum term for Sky Signature by purchasing directly from Netflix.

How much does a Sky Cinema pass cost?

If you’re a Sky subscriber but don’t have access to the movie channels, it currently costs £11 extra a month for a minimum 18-month contract. And if you’re not a Sky subscriber, you can access all of the latest movie premieres with a Sky Cinema pass from NOW.