Where are Vulli products made?

Where are Vulli products made?

Most Vulli toys are made in China.

Who owns Vulli?

Alain THIRION group
The VULLIERME company is purchased by the Alain THIRION group and becomes the VULLI company.

Why is Sophie La Giraffe so expensive?

So why does it cost so much? Sophie has been French mothers go-to teething toy since 1961. The toy is made in France rather than in China, and is made with natural rubber rather than plastic. That means the product costs more to make and is relatively expensive around the globe — but that hasn’t stopped its popularity.

Who makes Sophie?

The toy has been made in France (as Sophie la Girafe) since 1961, first in Asnières-sur-Oise, near Paris by Delacostethen from 1991 by Vulli based in Rumilly in the French Alps. Its name refers to its launch on 25 May 1961, the feast day of Saint Madeline Sophie Barat.

Can you sterilize Sophie the giraffe?

In accordance with what is written on the product packaging, we do not recommend sterilising Sophie la girafe. Known sterilisation methods require partial or full immersion of the product in a sterilising solution (boiling water or water with a sterilisation tablet) that could damage it.

Can I Sterilise Sophie the giraffe?

What makes Vulli toys the best to buy?

Our toys are both aesthetically-pleasing and safe. We strive to offer the highest level of quality and safety to all our consumers worldwide: all our products comply with current international standards.

Where did the company Vulli get its name?

Vulli, a Rumilly-based company, established in 1945 in France, boasts a great team who, over the past few decades, has been striving to instil our brands and products in the memories of millions of children and families around the world.

How does Vulli maintain a healthy corporate culture?

Our internal employee relationships are also based on these same basic principles in order to maintain a simple yet healthy corporate culture that is in everyone’s collective interest. The VULLI team is driven, dynamic and young at heart, yet also has ambitious goals and well-established values.