When did the band Blue split?

When did the band Blue split?

Deacon Blue frontman Ricky Ross has said he was wrong to let his chart-topping band split up in 1994. The singer songwriter, who formed the band in Glasgow in 1986, disbanded the group at the height of their success while at the top of the UK album charts.

What happened to Blueband?

In late 2004, the group announced a hiatus and released their first compilation album, Best of Blue, on 15 November 2004. In April 2015, Blue were dropped by their record label Sony due to the comparatively poor sales of their fifth album Colours, which sold just 4,000 copies in its first week.

Is Blue still together?

Despite officially splitting up in 2005 after five glorious years of pop perfection, the lads have been back together to perform on and off since 2011, and in 2013 took part in The Big reunion, which saw them tour with other massive pop groups of the era like B*Witched, 5ive and 911.

Who was the best singer in Blue?

Lee Ryan (born 17 June 1983) is an English singer-songwriter and actor. He is best known as a member of the English boy band Blue. He has also appeared in pantomime over the years; his most recent role was the Prince at the Darlington Hippodrome in 2017….

Lee Ryan
Associated acts Blue, Elton John, Rubylux, Stevie Wonder

Did Duncan and Lee from Blue together?

CELEBRITY Big Brother star Lee Ryan had a secret sexual relationship with Blue bandmate Duncan James, The Sun can reveal. Randy Lee Ryan has admitted bedding Blue pal Duncan James — saying: “We did some crazy s***. The bandmates experimented sexually while sharing a flat and are still extremely close today.

Did the band Blue sleep together?

I’m a well-travelled person.” However, the pair cleared up the rumours on a later appearance on This Morning, with Duncan insisting it “absolutely never” happened. Duncan claimed he “got a bit of brunt from it for the whole story about him and me sleeping together”, and Lee insisted: “I wasn’t talking about that.

Who was in Blue boy band?

Antony CostaVocals
Duncan JamesVocalsLee RyanVocalsSimon WebbeVocals
The quartet was made up of Simon Webbe, 40, Antony Costa, 36, Duncan James, 40, and Lee Ryan, 34. The boys went their separate ways in 2005 after Elton John suggested they concentrate on their solo careers. But unfortunately the solo success the Blue boys were expecting didn’t materialise.

How was Blue formed?

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How old is Duncan from Blue?

43 years (April 7, 1978)
Duncan James/Age

What happened to Blue members?

Blue have produced some big hits since they formed in 2000 – but in recent years, all four band members – Antony Costa, Duncan James, Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe – have been forced to file for bankruptcy.

What happened to Lee Ryan voice?

Lee Ryan has opened up about his alcohol addiction, admitting it ruined his vocal cords. The Blue singer, who recently kicked off his Strictly Come Dancing career with Nadiya Bychkova, admitted he hit bottom when he began drinking a bottle of whisky every day.

What happened to Lee Ryan?

Lee Ryan recently told a court he has “no money” after being fined and banned from driving for 12 months over a motoring offence. The Blue singer’s Mercedes was captured driving at 70mph in a 60mph limit on Fletton Parkway in Peterborough on August 8, 2020.