What reinvigorated mean?

What reinvigorated mean?

Definition of reinvigorate transitive verb. : to give new or renewed strength or energy to (something or someone) : to invigorate (something or someone) again … a stimulus plan large enough to reinvigorate the economy …—

What is the meaning of grimness?

grimness noun [U] (UGLINESS) the quality of being ugly or unpleasant, or not enjoyable: an oil town of unrelenting grimness.

What is another word for reinvigorate?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for reinvigorate, like: renew, rejuvenate, revitalize, invigorate, refresh, revivify, help, revitalise, reshape, re-invigorate and revive.

How do you feel reinvigorated?

If you’re feeling something similar, here are a few ways to get yourself out of that funk:

  • Understand whether your burnout is clinical or environmental.
  • Work toward any type of progress.
  • Find the right timescale for the project.
  • Find your place in the big picture.
  • Motivate yourself by keeping track of the end goal.

What is the origin of frivolity?

mid-15c., from Latin frivolus “silly, empty, trifling, worthless,” diminutive of *frivos “broken, crumbled,” from friare “break, rub away, crumble” (see friable).

Is Learnedness a word?

adj. 1. Having profound, often systematic knowledge; erudite.

What do you call a group of intellectuals?

Intellectuals or highly educated people as a group, especially when regarded as possessing culture and political influence. highbrows. academics. scholars. intelligentsia.

What is the plural of intelligentsia?

intelligentsia (countable and uncountable, plural intelligentsias)

What is the opposite of reinvigorate?

Opposite of to give new life, energy or strength to someone or something. destroy. kill. ruin. depress.

How do you Unburn yourself?

The following abridged advice may help cool the burn.

  1. Chill Principle 1: Become a grazer. Since burnout often includes weight gain, many people try to eat less as stress levels climb.
  2. Chill Principle 2: Sleep as if your life depends on it.
  3. Chill Principle 3: Exercise for fun.

Can devolution reinvigorate democracy in Britain?

The purpose here is to demonstrate that devolution has reinvigorated democracy in Britain.

What does it mean to reinvigorate someone?

: to give new or renewed strength or energy to (something or someone) : to invigorate (something or someone) again … a stimulus plan large enough to reinvigorate the economy …— Steven Greenhouse It took Britpop’s obsession with the 60s to really reinvigorate her career.—

What is the best definition of a democracy?

1 : government by the people : majority rule. 2 : government in which the highest power is held by the people and is usually used through representatives. 3 : a political unit (as a nation) governed by the people. 4 : belief in or practice of the idea that all people are socially equal.

Does devolution enhance voters’ desires for devolution?

Through analysing the devolution arrangements, reasons for devolution and democratic issues of each of the four individual nations of the UK I will present my view that devolution has enhanced the realisation of voters’ desires for devolution and desires for their own policies to be carried out in Scotland and Wales.