What precaution is used in diathermy?

What precaution is used in diathermy?

Simple precautions such as monitoring the application and removal of the diathermy pad are not performed by the operating surgeon. Furthermore, most surgeons increase the frequency of the diathermy current if there is an inappropriate effect rather than check the pad placement.

What is one of the major limitations of the diathermy machines?

It can reach areas as deep as two inches beneath the skin’s surface. The diathermy machine does not apply heat directly to the body.

What is a contraindication for short wave diathermy?

Contraindications and Precautions SWD is contraindicated in areas with metal implants and in patients with pacemakers or implanted deep brain stimulators.

Can diathermy cause side effects?

Risks of Diathermy These metal devices can include bone pins, dental fillings, IUDs, or metal sutures. Diathermy stimulates heat around these areas and may cause burns or shocks. Diathermy can also be dangerous if you have vascular disease or a bleeding disorder.

How do you stop diathermy burns?

Recommendations to reduce unintended intraoperative electrocautery burns have been previously documented in the literature and include the following: using isolated electrosurgical units, avoiding or minimizing contact between the patient and operative instruments and theatre devices, avoiding activation of the …

Which waves are not used for diathermy?

Microwaves and short waves cannot be used on or near persons with implanted electronic cardiac pacemakers. Hyperthermia induced by microwave diathermy raises the temperature of deep tissues from 41 °C to 45 °C using electromagnetic power.

How long does diathermy usually last?

Treatments usually last between five and 10 minutes.

When do you use diathermy?

Diathermy is commonly used for muscle relaxation, and to induce deep heating in tissue for therapeutic purposes in medicine. It is used in physical therapy to deliver moderate heat directly to pathologic lesions in the deeper tissues of the body.

Is diathermy safe during pregnancy?

Pregnancies exposed to shortwave diathermy did not appear to be at increased risk of miscarriage. There was no increase in risk with increasing exposure to shortwave diathermy. There was a modest increase in the risk of miscarriage among women using microwave diathermy equipment during pregnancy.

Where do I put the diathermy pad?

To reduce the risk of this complication, grounding pads should ideally be positioned over dry, shaven and well-vascularized tissue surfaces, to maximize the contact area of the return electrode and reduce the heat of the underlying tissues.

Can diathermy cause burns?

Although most of the newest diathermy machines are largely safe, the electric fields they generate are still inherently hazardous for the patient, operating surgeons, and theatre staff. They can cause burn injury, electrocution, operating room fire, smoke inhalation, and gene mutation.

Is ultrasound a diathermy?

Ultrasonic diathermy is intended to generate deep heat within body tissues for the treatment of selected medical conditions such as pain, muscle spasms and joint contractures, but not for the treatment of malignancies.