What kind of blinds are used for duck boats?

What kind of blinds are used for duck boats?

. Mossy Oak – 14003-7-DB Graphics 6″ x 7′ Duck Blind Camouflage Tape Roll – Camo Vinyl with a Matte Finish – Ideal for Covering Guns, Bows, Cameras, and Other Hunting Accessories. Squeegee Included.

Are there any custom fit duck hunting blinds?

Bust ’em Blinds are custom fabricated for the most popular brands on the market. Bust ’em Boat Blind reps are actual duck hunters and can help you choose the best brand and features from your needs. Select new models are available pre-fit as a combo direct from Bust’ Em Blinds factory. Contact Us for details. READY FOR AN ALL-NEW RIG??

Can a Bust’em boat blind be custom fitted?

BUST’EM can be custom fit any shape or size hunting boat, but has chosen a select group of models with the best layout and the best functionality from various manufacturers to offer brand new, out the door and ready to hunt boat/blind platforms. Call about select boat models that can be paired easily with our system:

How big is Cabela’s northern flight boat blind?

Turn your boat into a high-performance, mobile duck-hunting rig with the Cabela’s® Northern Flight® Boat Blind. A fully adjustable, all-steel, boat blind frame, this sturdy base installs easily on boats 14’–18′ long with beams up to 78″ wide with the included quick-release clamps.

How long does it take to set up a duck blind?

It only takes one man to set up my blind quickly and easily. Some other boat blinds require two hunters and can be very awkward to set up. With our duck blind, there are no loose parts to be dropped or lost in the dark, and the setup is easily accomplished in less than 10 seconds, even while wearing heavy gloves.

How much does a flyway duck blind weigh?

At only 30-35 pounds, our blind weighs only 1/4 to 1/2 as much as many other blinds on the market. These are currently very popular with duck hunters, and many of the other commercial duck blinds on the market do not work well with them.