What is the meaning of Sritha in Sanskrit?

What is the meaning of Sritha in Sanskrit?

Name Sritha generally means Referring to god, is of Indian origin, Name Sritha is a Feminine (or Girl) name. Person with name Sritha are mainly Hindu by religion. .

What is the meaning of Christen name?

follower of Christ
Meaning:follower of Christ.

What does the name Carys mean for a Girl?

to love
Carys is a Welsh feminine given name, formed from the stem of the Welsh vocabulary word caru, “to love” (cf. third person câr “beloved friend” or “precious”), and the suffix -ys, found in such names as Dilys, Gladys, Glenys and Nerys.

How do you spell Kristen with AC?

Different ways to spell Kristen: Kristen, Kristan, Kristin, Cristen, Cristan, Cristin, Christen, Christan, Christin.

Is Christine a French name?

It is a name in regular usage in French, English, German, Scandinavian, Dutch, Irish, and Scottish cultures, and it is often associated with the meaning “Follower of Christ.” Other ways to say Christine are Christina, Kristin, Kristina, Kristine, Kristen, Kirsten, Hristina, Krystyna, Cristina (most used in Portugal.

What is a nickname for Carys?


meaning Love
starts with C
ends with S
nicknames Cari
variations Cerys Ceris Carys

How old is the name Carys?

Carys Origin and Meaning It didn’t come into use in Wales until the late nineteenth century. It’s currently Number 367 in England and Wales. Carys is one of that sweet group of girls’ names with a loving meaning, and this has a subliminal link to the word ‘caress. ‘

Is Kristen a rare name?

As we’ve crossed the threshold into the 21st century, it’s quite clear poor little Kristen is rapidly going out of style. The name has greatly declined in usage and is now barely considered with any regularity.

Is Kristen a biblical name?

Kristen is a first name, also the Breton, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian form of Christian. As a result, Kristen is a male name in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, with the female equivalent spelt as Kristin, a Scandinavian form and a variation of Christine….Kristen (given name)

Related names Christian, Christine

Is Christine a biblical name?

Christine is a feminine form of the masculine name Christian, which derived from the Latin name Christianus (from “christianus sum” = I am a Christ) and is of ancient Greek origin (from Christós / Χριστός).

Is Caris a girl or boy name?

A Welsh unisex name meaning love.