What is the highest paid Marine Corps MOS?

What is the highest paid Marine Corps MOS?

According to our data, the highest paying job at United States Marine Corps is a Senior Analyst at $118,000 annually while the lowest paying job at United States Marine Corps is an Aviation Maintenance Administration Specialist at $16,000 annually.

What is the longest MOS school in the Marine Corps?

BCOC is one of the Marine Corps’ longest MOS producing schools. Prior to the name of Basic Communication Officer Course, the school was formerly known as Communications and Information Systems Officer Course (CISOC).

What Mos is 2100 Marines?

Basic Ground Ordnance Maintenance Marine
Marines entering this OccFld will receive MOS 2100, Basic Ground Ordnance Maintenance Marine.

What is the most popular MOS in the Marines?

10 Best Marine Jobs That Transfer To Civilian Careers

  • Cryptologic Digital Network Tech (MOS 2611)
  • Avionics Maintenance Chief (MOS 6391)
  • Marine Cybersecurity Technician (MOS 0688)
  • Marine Counter Intelligence / Human Intelligence (MOS 0211)
  • Marine Logistics / Mobility Chief (MOS 0491)

What is AIT in the Marines?

Sometimes referred to as Advanced Individual Training (AIT), or simply advanced training, skill training takes place after a service member completes Basic Training. Skill training refers to the instruction a service member receives in his or her assigned military career field.

How long is MOS in the Marines?

Those with an Infantry Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) are trained at Infantry Training Battalion (ITB) over the course of 52 days, and those with a non-Infantry MOS are trained at Marine Combat Training Battalion (MCT) over the course of 29 days.

What Mos are the Marines getting rid of?

Four MOSs will be cut as part of the plan: 1812, armor Marine; 1869, senior armor staff noncommissioned officer; 2146, main battle tank repairer/technician; and 1802, tank officer.

What is the best MOS in the Marine Corps?

“Best” is a wholly subjective concept. Some would argue that the job of 0311 – Rifleman – is the best infantry MOS in the USMC on the grounds that it is the quintessential Marine Corps vocation, being the one that agrees 100% with the ideal of “every Marine a rifleman”.

What are the Marine Corps MOS codes?

The military operational specialty (MOS) code for this rating is 5821. Marine Corps CID agents conduct all general criminal investigations under the jurisdiction of the CID and NCIS , which includes conducting covert operations, interrogation of witnesses and crime scene investigations.

What are the USMC MOS?

The United States Marine Corps Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) is a system of categorizing career fields. All enlisted and officer Marines are assigned a four-digit code denoting their primary occupational field and specialty.

What jobs are there in the Marine Corps?

A Marine Corps job is called a military occupational specialty (MOS). Recruits are able to qualify for an MOS based on individual physical and intellectual ability, as well as the needs of the Corps. Examples of MOS jobs that are available include Infantryman, Field Radio Operator, and Tank Crewman.