What is the famous line in the godfather?

What is the famous line in the godfather?

The Godfather Quotes. Don Vito Corleone: I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse. Don Vito Corleone: Revenge is a dish best served cold. Don Vito Corleone: “A friend should always underestimate your virtues and an enemy overestimate your faults.”

What are the first words in the godfather?

You found paradise in America, you had a good trade, made a good living. The police protected you and there were courts of law. And you didn’t need a friend like me. But now you come to me and you say, “Don Corleone give me justice.” But you don’t ask with respect.

What is a Don in the godfather?

The Don (also known as Overboss, Crime Boss or Godfather) is the leader of a crime family. The Don receives a cut of every operation taken on by every member of his family. Depending on the family, the Don may be chosen by a vote from the caporegimes of the family. Sometimes, the Don chooses his own successor.

What did Don Ciccio say before he died?

In his final breath, Don Ciccio shouted an insult to Vito (“figlio di puttana” which means “son of a whore”).

Is the godfather a true story?

Vito Corleone was inspired by Frank Costello Like Carlo Gambino, Vito had a reputation for being a modest, under-the-radar figure. However, the Godfather character is most similar to real-life mobster Frank Costello, who was strategic, reasonable and known as “The Prime Minister” of the mob because of his wise counsel.

How many times was Don Corleone shot?

Vito runs for his Cadillac, but is shot five times.

Who was the real godfather?

Who killed Michael Corleone?

Michael tearfully confesses his many crimes, including the murder of Fredo. Michael later returned to Sicily to watch Anthony perform at the Teatro Massimo. However, he soon became aware of two assassins, Mosca and Spara, whom Don Altobello, in league with the plotters, had hired to kill him.

Does Michael Corleone regret killing Fredo?

In The Godfather 2 at Michael and Fredo’s mom’s funeral when Michael approached Fredo, he embraced him, and it seemed that Fredo was really sorry for what he had done. It was clear that Fredo had changed. It was unlikely he would betray Michael again. He perceived that he crossed the line, and he regretted his actions.

Which is the best quote from the godfather?

“I respect those who tell me the truth no matter how hard it is.” – Michael Corleone 33. “He’s been dying from the same heart attack for the last twenty years.” – Michael Corleone 34. “Friendship and money. Oil and water.” – Michael Corleone 35. “Good health is the most important thing.

What did Don Vito Corleone say in the godfather?

Don Vito Corleone: A friend should always underestimate your virtues and an enemy overestimate your faults. Don Vito Corleone: You talk about vengeance. Is vengeance going to bring your son back to you? Or my boy to me?

Who are the main characters in the godfather?

Here are some of the most famous Godfather quotes. The Godfather revolves around the lives of Don Vito Corleone (the head of a Mafia family) and his eldest son, Michael. Don Vito transfers control of his empire to Michael, who is quite reluctant about the move.

What did Michael Corleone do before he became Don?

Years before he became the Don of the Corleone family Michael tried his best to distance himself away from their criminal dealings. And unlike how secretive he eventually became, Michael was originally very open toward Kay.