What is the difference between ELD and ELD X bullets?

What is the difference between ELD and ELD X bullets?

Senior Member. 147 ELD-m is basically the same form as a 143 ELD-x. The ELD-x have an air void behind the tip to aid expansion and i believe a slightly thicker jacket below the interlock ring. The increase in lead from lack of void and less jacket material gives the 147 a higher BC.

Are Hornady eld match bullets good for hunting?

Hornady ELD-X (Extremely Low Drag – eXpanding) bullets are designed to provide reliable expansion at both conventional and extended ranges. Coupled with high ballistic coefficients (BC) and match-grade accuracy, these hunting bullets are as good on the range as they are in the field.

Is Hornady eld X good for elk?

Well-known member. I’ve killed one bull elk with the eld x. 143 grain factory loads out of a 6.5. At about 150 the bullet passed through both lungs and exited the offside and appeared to hold together well based on the wound channel and the fact that there was very little meat loss.

What is ELD match?

Extremely Low Drag Match
ELD® Match (Extremely Low Drag Match) bullets are technologically advanced, enhanced accuracy target bullets featuring Heat Shield® tips with the PERFECT MEPLAT (tip point) combined with numerous design features that deliver the highest-in-class ballistic coefficients, superior accuracy and extreme consistency from …

What is the best Hornady hunting bullet?

Hornady ELD-X Engineered to be the best all-around extended-distance hunting bullet available, the ELD-X arguably achieves its goal. It’s a boattailed, high-BC projectile featuring the company’s proprietary Heat Shield tip, which resists BC-degrading erosion at extreme velocities.

Can eld M be used for hunting?

From the reports I have seen the ELDM is just as lethal if not more than the ELDX. I personally only have two 670-700 yard kills on whitetails with 147 ELDMs and although the animals did not die right there they only ran 30-50 yards.

Can you use Hornady eld M for hunting?

I’ve had the same experience as you, the 140 eldm does good work. Hunting with Hornady ELD-M. 6.5 Manbun.

Is Hornady black eld match good for hunting?

Hornady Black ammo is designed to function reliably and shoot accurately in a wide range of modern sporting rifles for a broad spectrum of applications including hunting, plinking, and self-defense.

Which Hornady bullet is best for elk?

When using bullets like a 127 grain Barnes LRX, a 140 grain Swift A-Frame, or a 143 grain Hornady ELD-X, the 6.5 PRC can be darn effective on even the biggest bull elk. If you have a hankering to use a 6.5mm cartridge on elk, then the 6.5 PRC is probably the best one for the job.

Can you hunt with ELD match?

However, it’s not as well suited for the task as Hornady Precision Hunter ammo, so you should probably not use the ELD Match ammunition for hunting really big animals like elk, moose, and red stag.

Are match bullets good for hunting?

While Hornady Match ammo is designed with competition shooters in mind, it will also perform admirably as hunting ammunition in some cases. This is particularly true for thin-skinned game like deer and pronghorn.

What is the best Nosler bullet for deer?

The Nosler Partition is one of the original “premium” bullets, and though it’s designed for bigger stuff, my . 30-06 shoots the 180-grainers better than anything else, and they’re good deer bullets, if not a little heavy for the job in that caliber.