What is Reliv used for?

What is Reliv used for?

Reliv International, based in Chesterfield, MO, produces nutritional supplements that promote optimal nutrition. Reliv supplements address core nutrition and targeted solutions.

Is Reliv now effective?

Proven Effective: Reliv Now and FibRestore® shown to lower risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

What is LunaRich?

LunaRich is a Reliv-exclusive whole soy powder containing five to ten times more lunasin than the industry standard. Lunasin is a peptide found naturally in soy that scientists have identified as the key to many of soy’s documented health benefits.

What is lunasin good for?

Extensive scientific studies have shown that lunasin possesses inherent antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, anticancerous properties and could also play a vital role in regulating of cholesterol biosynthesis in the body. Its high bioavailability and heat stable nature allow its potential use as dietary supplement.

What is Reliv milk?

Benefits of Reliv Now milk for kids. available in choco and vanilla flavor. A nutritional supplement for kids especially for those who have slower mental development. This milk came from soy milk which is lactose free, because its protein made from plants.

What is relive supplement?

Reliv is a powdered nutritional supplement that contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, proteins and select herbs. It is available as Relìv Classic and Reliv Now.

Are Reliv products FDA approved?

No. Reliv products are intended to provide balanced nutrition for a healthier lifestyle and overall wellbeing. Reliv products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We feel that optimal nutrition is beneficial to all.

What is Reliv now?

Reliv Now® delivers a powerful, synergistic array of nutrients designed to bridge the nutritional gap created by on-the-go lifestyles. Made with Reliv’s exclusive LunaRich soy powder and loaded with vitamins, minerals and super-powered antioxidants, Reliv Now is built on the latest findings in nutrition science.

What foods contain lunasin?

The lunasin content in soybean, barley, wheat and rye was determined to be between 0.5 and 8.1, between 0.013 and 0.099, between 0.2 and 0.3, and between 0.045 and 0.150 mg/g seed, respectively (14,25,26). Therefore, soybean and wheat are recognized as the principal sources of lunasin (14).

How do I become a Reliv distributor?

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What is relive powder?

What is reliv lunarich X?

LunaRich X, made from non-GMO soy, is the most pure, concentrated form of lunasin ever produced — and available only from Reliv. In addition to its own health benefits — from cholesterol management to overall cellular health — LunaRich X powers up the benefits you receive from other Reliv products.

Does lunarich ® have side effects?

Lunasin, the key ingredient in LunaRich ®, has been the subject of many clinical studies and there is no evidence that lunasin causes side effects. Soy isoflavones do not act the same as estrogen does in the human body. This is one of the soy myths from the past. Non-GMO Soy is truly a superfood.

Can reliv products be used to prevent or treat cancer?

While we are aware of the ongoing research and articles related to lunasin and cancer, under no circumstances may Reliv’s products be marketed as preventing or treating cancer. Our products are nutritional supplements, not drugs. Does Reliv source soy or any other ingredients from Monsanto?

How much soy protein is in a serving of lunarich®?

Servings of LunaRich® soy powder contain varying amounts of soy protein depending on the product, from 5g for Reliv NOW for Kids to 13 grams for ProVantage®. However, every serving of any LunaRich® product does deliver the equivalent bioactive lunasin content found in 25 grams of high-quality soy protein.