What is MOCN and Moran?

What is MOCN and Moran?

For RAN sharing the two most commonly used solutions are known as MOCN (Multi Operator Core Network) and MORAN (Multi Operator RAN). With MORAN everything in the RAN (antenna, tower, site, power) except the radio carriers is shared between two or more operators. The existing core networks could be kept separate.

What is MOCN?

MOCN functionality that allows a network operator to provide access to a single radio access network by other operators. Each operator operates its own core network, including one or more independent nodes. Each of the multiple core networks can communicate with each other as peers through the software.

What is Moran LTE?

Multi-Operator Radio Access Network (MORAN) standard proposed an architecture where the eNBs/gNBs are shared, while the core network is proprietary to each network provider. This prevents the operators from being able to control their networks at the cell level.

How does RAN sharing work?

3.3 RAN sharing It involves the sharing of all access network equipment, including the antenna, mast and backhaul equipment. Each of the RAN access networks is incorporated into a single network, which is then split into separate networks at the point of connection to the core.

What is active and passive infrastructure?

Active sharing includes mobile roaming, which allows an operator to make use of another’s network in a place where it has no coverage or infrastructure of its own. Several elements of the passive infrastructure can be shared, as well as facilities such as the power supply and air conditioning.

Is Telecom an infrastructure?

Telecommunications infrastructure is very similar. It is a physical medium through which all Internet traffic flows. This includes telephone wires, cables (including submarine cables), satellites, microwaves, and mobile technology such as fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks.

What is network sharing in 5G?

Different types of network sharing for 5G Passive network sharing refers to the sharing of physical sites, such as buildings, power and tower sites. This is considered the simplest form of network sharing because operators can fairly easily share sites and still maintain their autonomy and strategic competitiveness.

What is Plmn ID?

A PLMN ID is an ID that globally identifies a mobile operator (e.g. combination of MCC (450) and MNC (05) for SK Telecom in Korea). MSIN is a unique ID that identifies a mobile subscriber within a mobile operator.

What Moran means?

Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Móráin ‘descendant of Mórán’, a personal name meaning ‘great’, ‘large’; the stress is normally on the first syllable. English: variant of Morant, normally pronounced with the stress on the second syllable.

What is passive RAN?

Passive RAN sharing, in which operators share only physical cell sites and passive network elements like masts and power supplies. Multi-Operator RAN (MORAN) is where only equipment is shared.

What is mobile infrastructure sharing?

In active sharing, elements of the active layer of a mobile network are shared, such as antennas, entire base stations or even elements of the core network. Active sharing includes mobile roaming, which allows an operator to make use of another’s network in a place where it has no coverage or infrastructure of its own.


What does MOCN stand for in mobile network sharing?

MOCN: Multiple Operator Core Network This approach is defined by 3GPP (Specs detail later) ©3G4G CN CS/PS RNC NodeB Cell/ Frequency Service Platforms HSS/HLR CN CS/PS Cell/ Frequency Service Platforms HSS/HLR CN PS only eNodeB Cell/ Frequency Service Platforms HSS/HLR 2G 3G 4G Operator 1 Operator 2 Shared Elements MOCN MOCN MOCN BTS BSC 8.

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How does a multi operator core network ( MOCN ) work?

Multi-Operator Core Networks (MOCN) Given the Parallel Wireless solution includes an Open RAN Controller and network software that resides between a RAN and the Core network, it quite easily enables MOCN, by having the ability to interrogate the traffic and route to the proper core for 5G, 4G, 3G or 2G traffic.

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