What is JK portal?

What is JK portal?

The portal was e-launched by Principal Secretary School Education, Dr. It is a structured and well programmed portal developed to help students in choosing a right career after completing their secondary or higher secondary education. Dr.

Is Jammu Kashmir a part of India?

Jammu and Kashmir is a region administered by India as a union territory and consisting of the southern portion of the larger Kashmir region, which has been the subject of a dispute between India and Pakistan since 1947, and between India and China since 1962.

When Kashmir became part of India?

Instrument of Accession (Jammu and Kashmir)

Instrument of Accession of Jammu and Kashmir state to the Union of India
Type Accession Treaty
Signed 26 October 1947
Location Srinagar/Delhi
Sealed 27 October 1947

How many districts are there in JK?

20 districts
UT of Jammu and Kashmir consists of two divisions: Jammu and Kashmir and its further divided into 20 districts.

How can I apply for Ladli Beti?

Application form – The first thing that you need for registering under the scheme is the application form. The form is available from the office of the Child Development Project office. As of now, the application cannot be made online. The forms are also available from the Jammu And Kashmir Bank.

What is Standstill Agreement Kashmir?

A standstill agreement was an agreement signed between the newly independent dominions of India and Pakistan and the princely states of the British Indian Empire prior to their integration in the new dominions. The form of the agreement was bilateral between a dominion and a princely state.

Which is the richest district in Kashmir?

Achabal, Baramulla

Coordinates:34.30°N 74.45°ECoordinates:34.30°N 74.45°E
Country India
State Jammu and Kashmir
District Baramulla district

Which is the biggest district in J&K?

Largest & Smallest District in Jammu and Kashmir by Area

# By Area District Area
Largest Kishtwar 7737 km²
Smallest Shopian 312 km2

How do I know my domicile?

Simply put, your domicile is your home—the state you consider your permanent place of residence. If you aren’t living there right now, then it’s the place to which you intend to return and make your home indefinitely. You can have more than one residence, but only one domicile.