What is IETM Level 4?

What is IETM Level 4?

In a level 4 IETM information is structured based on a document schema in form of a web portal, with focus on benefits of data integrity and removal of data redundancy. Relationships in the content are presented as hyperlinks, and are mapped directly to schema.

Where can I find army TMs online?

mil or . gov. The Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) is the official designated repository for Army equipment TMs, except engineering and medical. LOGSA also hosts electronic technical manuals and interactive electronic technical manuals (ETMs/IETMs).

How do I access my army ETM?

https://liw.logsa.army.mil/ Click on System Access Request from the LIW main page and follow the instructions.

Where can I find army technical manuals?

The following sources contain significant numbers of freely available Army Technical Manuals online.

  • Ike Skelton Combined Arms Research Library (CARL) Digital Library.
  • Haithi Trust Digital Library.
  • Hathi Trust: University of California.
  • Hathi Trust: University of Michigan.

What are Army technical manuals?

U.S. Army Technical Manuals, commonly known as ‘Army manuals,’ are part of a series of official U.S. military manual publications intended to be instructive and informative for all branches of the military. These are manuals, which are official U.S. Army publications concerning enemy equipment or forces.

What are technical manuals?

A technical manual is a well-defined document that explains the means for operating, maintaining, supporting or installing a machine, process, system, or piece of equipment.

What does IETM stand for?

The rapid integration of Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) into military workspaces throughout the Department of Defense has created a void in the otherwise comprehensive instruction provided to students at the Defense Systems Management College (DSMC).

Where can I find Army Technical and equipment manuals?

The Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) is the official Army publications source for Army technical and equipment manuals (except engineering and medical). You can access these pubs from the LOGSA website at: https://www.logsa.army.mil/ NOTE: The LIW portal was being redesigned as this issue went to press.

Where can I find a manual for an ETM?

Finally, if you have questions about ETMs or IETMs, or need help finding a manual, contact LOGSA’s tech pubs ETM Customer Service at 1-800-270-1409, or email: [email protected] LIW Access Now CAC-Only “NF” means no foreign release