What is a good age grade percentage?

What is a good age grade percentage?

How good is my Age-Graded percentage? As a general guide, if your percentage comes out as 90% or above then either your watch has stopped or you can count yourself as World Class! Over 80% is typically National Class, over 70% is Regional Class and over 60% is local Class.

How do you calculate your age grade?

It takes World Record performances for each age and disatance, for men and women, and uses these as benchmarks. So, for example: if the World Record for a 40 year old man running 10 miles is 46:31 and another 40 year old man runs 10 miles in 58:30, he has an Age-Graded performance of 79.5% (46:31 divided by 58:30).

What is an age graded time?

Age grading is a statistical attempt to measure the relative strength of a performance for an athlete of a given age. Most people agree that a 55-year-old running a 20:00 5k is a more impressive time than a 25-year-old running 19:00, even though the younger runner’s performance is faster in an absolute sense.

What is local class level?

Age-graded scores have been divided into several broad levels: 60% and up = local class. 70% and up = regional class. 80% and up = national class.

What is a good 5km time by age?

What is the average 5k time by age and sex?

Age Male Female
0-15 34:43 37:55
16-19 29:39 37:39
20-24 29:27 36:22
25-29 31:09 36:16

Whats a good 5k time for my age?

It takes a bit of work to get there, but for most healthy adults, running a 5k is an attainable goal to get to within a few weeks. Once you’re there, 5km might be enough….What is the average 5k time by age and sex?

Age Male Female
45-49 33:13 39:19
50-54 34:30 41:20
55-59 37:33 45:18
60-64 40:33 45:49

Is 5k in 25 minutes good?

Average for beginners If you run a mile about every 8 minutes, you can count on your 5K time being under or around 25 minutes. However, this isn’t easily achievable for many people, so beginners should aim to run a mile in about 9 to 13 minutes.

Is 5k in 30 minutes good?

Running a 5k in 30 minutes is above average for any runner, whether a beginner or experienced. It is an excellent benchmark to achieve in your running journey and a great sign that you’ve built up speed, stamina, and endurance.

What are the ages of kids at each grade?

Kindergarten from ages 3-5;

  • Grade 0 from age 5-6;
  • Grades 1 to 6 from ages 6-7 to 11-12;
  • Grades 1 to 3 of secondary education from ages 12-13 to 14-15;
  • ages 15-16 to 17-18 or 18-19.
  • What are the age groups for school grades?

    Elementary school is kindergarten through 5th grade (ages 5-10), middle school is grades 6-8 (ages 11-13), and high school is grades 9-12 (ages 14-18).

    What is the age range for school grades?

    Generally, students begin elementary school at 6 years of age and graduate at 13. Secondary schools, often called “high schools,” provide instruction from grades 9 – 12. Generally, students begin high school at 14 years of age and graduate at 18. Many community agencies can help you find information about school for your children.

    How do you calculate cumulative GPA?

    A cumulative grade point average (GPA), or overall GPA, is calculated by dividing a student’s total grade points from all semesters by the number of total credit hours.