What is a better word for mesmerized?

What is a better word for mesmerized?

(or enthral), fascinate, grip, hypnotize, spellbind.

What does Mesmerizingly mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to subject to mesmerism also : hypnotize. 2 : spellbind I found myself mesmerized by the grandiosity of it all— Arnold Plotnick The crowd was mesmerized by the acrobats.

What is the word galvanic mean?

1a : of, relating to, or producing a direct current of electricity a galvanic cell. b : caused by galvanism —used especially of the corrosion of metallic objects as a result of electrolytic action …

What is the antonym of mesmerize?

Verb. ▲ Opposite of to enthrall, charm or captivate. bore. annoy.

Is Mesmerizingly a real word?

mesmerize. verb entrance, fascinate, absorb, captivate, grip, enthral, hypnotize, magnetize, hold spellbound, spellbind There was something about her which mesmerized him.

How do you mesmerize someone?

Snap your fingers at “one” to focus them on your voice. Tell them to let your voice relax them even deeper. Then, instruct them to hear every word you say and only hear every word you say. Instruct them to follow only your words exactly, and no other sounds around them.

How do you use galvanic in a sentence?

Galvanic In A Sentence

  1. The descending galvanic current was used for twenty minutes each bath.
  2. There was something galvanic in his gentleness, and infectious in his merriment.
  3. The descending galvanic current from a zinc-carbon battery was used throughout.

Are there any synonyms for the word mesmerize?

Synonyms of mesmerize. to hold the attention of as if by a spell. discovered that the children were mesmerized by a television show. Synonyms for mesmerize. arrest, bedazzle, catch up, enchant, enthrall.

What makes a person think someone is mesmerizing them?

Peculiar sensations of various kinds may make patients think some one is affecting them by electricity or mesmerizing them. It was superb, this method of mesmerizing all the simple-minded skippers and chiefs who came in the iron-ore ships to Ipsilon.

What makes a factory a place for mesmerization?

The sheer novelty of the factory and the equipment it contained accounted for some of its mesmerization.

Is there such a thing as a mesmerizing chant?

The long harangue, delivered as a chant, had long ago had a mesmerizing effect on her audience. Others have the same power that snakes have, though vastly intensified, mesmerizing their victims from afar. We had heard a great deal of his curing a blacksmith of tic-douloureux by mesmerizing him.