What happens in Season 5 episode 17 of Boy Meets World?

What happens in Season 5 episode 17 of Boy Meets World?

When an outburst between Topanga and Cory escalates in Feeny’s class, Cory, Topanga, Shawn, Angela, and Kenny all end up in detention. Feeny appears, and everyone expects him to tell them his master plan. Feeny then falls onto his knees, dead from scissors to the back. They all run back into the classroom, terrified.

Who was the killer in Boy Meets World?

Killer Shawn
In Shawn’s nightmare, Killer Shawn is the murderer who kills Kenny, Feeny, Feffy, the Creepy Janitor, Eric, Jack, and Angela. His identity as Shawn isn’t revealed until the end up the episode, when the real Shawn unmasks him to reveal him.

What happened to the baby in Boy Meets World?

Joshua “Josh” Gabriel Matthews is the third son of Alan and Amy Matthews. He was born with complications and after a lot of touch and go, baby Josh recovers and goes home with his parents.

Do Shawn and Angela end up together?

Shawn and Angela is the romantic/friendship pairing of Shawn Hunter and Angela Moore from Boy Meets World. Upon their reunion in Girl Meets World, Angela reveals that she is now married. They are often compared to the main couple of the original show, Cory and Topanga.

Why did Boy Meets World get canceled?

By the end of season 7, Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Eric moved to New York. That would be the end of Boy Meets World as ABC decided to cancel the series in the spring of 2000. The reason for the cancellation wasn’t publicly discussed but it was assumed that ABC made the decision based on declining ratings.

Is Shawn and Cory Brothers?

Eric Matthews (Will Friedle), Cory’s ditzy, wild, and crazy older brother. Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong), Cory’s best friend who comes from a troubled family. Topanga Matthews (née Lawrence) (Danielle Fishel), (recurring season 1, starring seasons 2-7) Cory’s main love interest, who became his girlfriend, and later wife.

Why was Morgan replaced on Boy Meets World?

Why the recasting? Nicksay told Entertainment Weekly it was a “mutual decision” between her parents and producers. Co-star Rider Strong shed more light on the topic at Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia: Nicksay “was not very happy. At that time she was a little girl who did not want to be on the show.”