What happened to Megatron after TFP?

What happened to Megatron after TFP?

Megatron then regained control, but had lost his passion for oppression as he experienced it himself by the chaos bringer and abandoned the Decepticons to start a new life somewhere in the galaxy. Megatron flew off Cybertron into the galaxy, presumably in self-banishment for his past actions.

What is Megatron’s transformation?

Megatron is able to transform into a Walther P38, delivering more focused energy blasts than he could in his robotic form. He can adjust his size and mass as he transforms, to comfortably allow another Transformer or even a human being to wield him. His robot form has an arm-mounted fusion cannon.

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Who is Megatron in Transformers Prime?

Megatron is the primary antagonist of Transformers Prime, as well as one of the main characters in War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron. He was the leader of all the Decepticons during the Great War on Cybertron.

What happened to Megatron’s body?

Megatron’s body was dumped into the Laurentian Abyss at its deepest point, along with the remains of the other Decepticons, where the near-freezing temperatures would, hopefully, keep them dormant indefinitely.

What happened to megmegatron after Allspark?

Megatron followed the AllSpark across space in his jet mode, eventually crash-landing on Earth in the Arctic. However, he froze into the ice before he could search the planet for the AllSpark.

What is Megatron’s personality like?

Megatron is a master planner, constantly a step ahead of any opponent and even ahead of what he wants now, preparing for anything he may want in the future. He has the physical might to overpower most foes but it’s his mind who has one-upped three Primes and rival Decepticons.