What happened to De Smet South Dakota in the winter of 1881?

What happened to De Smet South Dakota in the winter of 1881?

The winter of 1880 – 1881 was one of the worst on record in the Dakotas. The first blizzard, which raged for three days, came in early October; by Christmas the trains had stopped running. a blizzard came and for three days we could not see an object ten ft from us. The R.R. were blocked for ten days.

When was Laura Ingalls long winter?

The Long Winter is an autobiographical children’s novel written by Laura Ingalls Wilder and published in 1940, the sixth of nine books in her Little House series. It is set in southeastern Dakota Territory during the severe winter of 1880–1881, when she turned 14 years old.

What caused the winter of 1880?

One of the main reasons why the winter of 1880-81 was so severe across a large swath of the northern and central U.S. has to deal with a weakening of west to east winds encircling the polar region. This circulation is called the polar vortex.

Where did Laura Ingalls live during the long winter?

Dakota Territory
The adventures of Laura Ingalls and her family continue as Pa, Ma, Laura, Mary, Carrie, and little Grace bravely face the hard winter of 1880-81 in their little house in the Dakota Territory. Blizzards cover the little town with snow, cutting off all supplies from the outside.

Did Almanzo Wilder have a stroke?

Not too long after the couple lost their son, tragedy struck the home of the Wilder’s again as Almanzo became partially paralyzed. Sources do not 100 percent agree on how he became paralyzed. Some say he suffered a stroke while others say he contracted diphtheria.

Did Laura Ingalls Wilder write about the children’s blizzard?

The children’s blizzard of 1888 was covered in Wilder’s The First Four Years, although she has it happening in April, not January. It is also included in her handwritten Pioneer Girl manuscript, although she places it during her own period of time in school, which for her ended in 1885.