What does zoning a 5a mean in Hawaii?

What does zoning a 5a mean in Hawaii?

A-5a. Agricultural District (minimum building site of 5 acres) A-600a. Agricultural District (minimum building site of 600 acres)

What does a 1A zoning mean in Hawaii?

Likewise, A-1A is agricultural, minimum land area one acre. There is one unusual designation: RA, residential agricultural. It combines some of the aspects of both designations. Only half acre and one acre lots are ever given this designation.

What is state land use designation Hawaii?

The total area by designation is as follows: 49% of land in Hawaiʻi is designated conservation. 45.8% of land in Hawaiʻi is designated agricultural. 4.9% is designated urban. 0.3% is designated rural.

What does a3 zoning mean?

Purpose and intent: The purpose and intent of the A-3 Transitional Agriculture Classification is to preserve and protect small farms for personal and limited agricultural production or to provide a transitional agricultural zone between more intensive agricultural use areas and residential areas.

How much does it cost to subdivide land in Hawaii?

Subdivision application filing fee for 5 lots or less is $250 plus $50 per development lot or for 6 lots or more is $400 plus $100 per development lot.

What is the ZIP code for Hawaii County?

ZIP Codes in Hawaii County with Associated Cities & Towns. Hawaii County, HI – Standard ZIP Codes. 96704 | 96720 | 96725 | 96727 | 96738 | 96740 | 96743 | 96749 | 96750 | 96760 | 96771 | 96778 | 96781 | 96783.

What is the state code for Hawaii?

Hawaii is currently using one area code. Hawaii does not utilize any area code overlays. Area code 808 covers all of the State of Hawaii. Changes and History of Hawaii Area Codes: 01/01/1957. Area code 808 was put into service.

What is the area code for Maui?

Kahului , HI is currently using one area code which is area code 808. In addition to Kahului, HI area code information read more about area code 808 details and Hawaii area codes. Kahului, HI is located in Maui County and observes the Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone and does not use daylight saving time.

What is the definition of zoning codes?

The Zoning Code is Article 32 of the City Code. Zoning regulations determine both the use of land and the layout of buildings developed on parcels of land. March 2, 2021 the department held a public meeting to discuss Zoning Updates.