What does the Thrustmaster F1 wheel work with?

What does the Thrustmaster F1 wheel work with?

The Thrustmaster F1 Add-On Wheel features the “Thrustmaster Quick Release” system. It is compatible with the T500, T300 and TX Racing Wheel Series for interchangeability within your current setup.

What is Thrustmaster compatible with?

All of the Thrustmaster devices listed on the Thrustmaster website as being compatible with the Xbox One are compatible with all existing Xbox One versions: Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

Does the Ferrari Thrustmaster wheel have force feedback?

The inarguable disadvantage of the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia Xbox 360/PC racing wheel set is the lack of force feedback. On the other hand, for a tyro, its lack, but the presence of all the function buttons needed, along with the ‘Bungee Cord’, is more than sufficient.

What is the Ferrari F1 Wheel Add On compatible with?

It utilises the Thrustmaster quick release system, so is compatible with the TS-PC Racer, T-GT Servo Base, TS-XW Servo Base, TX Racing Wheel Servo Base and T300 Racing Wheel Servo bases.

What is the Ferrari f1 wheel Add On compatible with?

Is the Ferrari 458 wheel worth it?

From the lack of force feedback to the controller-style design, it’s definitely not a high-end wheel. The bungee cord mechanism takes some getting used to, as do the cheap pedals, but you can still have some fun with this wheel and put in decent lap times.

Can you use Thrustmaster wheel without pedals?

You can use it without the pedals but you won’t be able to play the game properly without them.

Does the Xbox Ferrari wheel work on PC?

The Ferrari 458 Spider RW is an Xbox One compliant racing wheel. It is not supported by Windows platforms, and there are no drivers for it to work on Windows. Windows computers may detect the wheel and some of its buttons might work, but it will not be fully functional.

Does the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Racing Wheel work on PC?

The Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia Racing Wheel is both Xbox360- and PC-compatible.

What makes the Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 wheel add-on unique?

The Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On features a scratch-brushed reinforced metal facing ensuring optimum solidity and inertia. In addition, the scratch-brushed metal F1 “Push & Pull” sequential shifters are directly attached to the wheel in true F1 tradition and feature rubber-textured grips.

What is the Thrustmaster T500 Rs?

It is a full-size replica of the Formula 1 Ferrari 2011 racing wheel, under official license by Ferrari, for the THRUSTMASTER T500 RS (T500 RS driving simulator sold separately).

What is the Thrustmaster quick release attachment?

The Thrustmaster Quick Release attachment system enables users to easily attach the wheel face to the T500 RS base in just a few seconds. This innovative concept allows all RS Series wheel base owners to invest in the wheels alone to enjoy optimum realism in all types of races.