What do you decorate cocktails with?

What do you decorate cocktails with?

Along with choosing the right glasses, here are 10 tips on decorating cocktails:

  • 1 – The choice of decoration.
  • 2 – Icing glasses.
  • 3 – Dusting.
  • 4 – Fresh mint.
  • 5 – Straws, cocktail picks, and sticks mixers.
  • 6 – Zest and fruit peel.
  • 7 – Fruit slices.
  • 8 – Additional fruit.

What are the six main cocktail garnishes?

There are six main cocktail garnishes. They are Maraschino cherries, stuffed olives, limes wedges, lemons wedges, orange slices and whipped cream. Every bar should have at least these garnishes.

How do you dress up a drink?

Cherries, fresh sprigs of mint or lavender, pomegranate seeds, dried citrus wheels, citrus foam, small strawberries, tiny microgreens, delicious fruit purées—there are plenty of terrific possibilities to enhance the visual appeal of a beer or wine and add a zip of unexpected flavor, allowing your happy couple to offer …

How do you jazz up a cocktail?

Sugar, herbs and even spices can add a stunning final touch to an expertly prepared cocktail. Try chilli flakes, cinnamon or mint mixed with sugar to coat the rim of the glass.

How can I decorate my drink?

10 New Ways to Garnish Your Drinks

  1. Herbed Ice Cubes. Freezing garnishes in ice works particularly well in a large or spherical ice mold, but regular ice molds are fine, too.
  2. Edible Stir Sticks.
  3. Spice Sachet.
  4. Flavored Ice Cubes.
  5. Scored Citrus Peel.
  6. Boozy Fruit.
  7. Candied Fruits.
  8. Cucumber Strips.

What is a Toby tin?

The Toby Tin is ideal for measured Cocktail Making and is used worldwide by Professional Bartenders for efficient Bartending. It fits tight on a Boston Tin and is very easy to shake. Dimension: 115 x 85 mm (LxH) Capacity: 500 ml.

What are the most garnishes?

Common edible garnishes Carrot sticks. Celery stalks (usually with leaves attached) Cinnamon, grated. Cocktail olives (often stuffed with pimentos)

What do you put on top of a cocktail?

Fresh Herbs. Fresh herbs, such as mint, rosemary and thyme, lend both flavor and visual interest to a cocktail. Smack your fresh-herb garnish against your hand before adding it to the cocktail—this will release essentials oils and add extra aroma to the drink.

How can I spice up my drink?

Toss one or two cubes in a rocks glass and serve with your favorite whiskey, tequila, or vodka. As the cubes melt, they’ll add spice to your drink—while also keeping it cool. 2) Chuck in some fire: Add a pinch of ground cayenne pepper, black pepper, or a dash of sriracha to your cocktail before shaking.

What goes in a gin and tonic?

1 part to 3 parts gin (to taste)
3 parts tonic water
Gin and tonic/Ingredients