What clan does Docherty belong to?

What clan does Docherty belong to?

The O’Doherty family (Irish: Clann Ua Dochartaig) is an Irish clan based in County Donegal in the north of the island of Ireland….

O’Doherty family
Region Ireland
District Inishowen
Ancestry Northern Uí Néill
Ethnicity Irish

What nationality is the name Docherty?

Docherty (or O’Docherty) is a popular Irish name which comes from the Gaelic O’Dochartargh (the prefix ‘O’ means ‘descendant of’). O’Dochartargh is derived from the Gaelic first name Dochartach, which was originally a nickname meaning variously ‘stern’, ‘obstructive’, or ‘hurtful’.

Is Docherty a Scottish surname?

Docherty is a Scottish/Irish surname. Notable people with the surname include: Bevan Docherty (born 1977), triathlete from New Zealand. Craig Docherty (born 1979), professional boxer from Scotland.

What does the name Docherty mean?

The original Gaelic form of the name Docherty is O Dochartaigh, from the word “dochartach,” which means hurtful or obstructive and in this case, it would be termed as a nickname.

Where are the Dohertys from in Ireland?

The Dohertys were an Irish sept that originated in the barony of Raphoe in county Donegal on the west coast of Ireland. By the 14th century the O’Dochartaigh chiefs had extended their territory till they became the lords of Inishowen (Inis Eoghain) on the Inishowen Peninsula.

Who is Dochartach?

It was the most numerous name in Donegal in the census of 1659, spelled as O’Dogherty(e) at that time, but it’s Gaelic spelling is unequivocal as Ó Dochartaigh, generally thought to derive from the nickname of a chieftain called An Dochartach, meaning The Destroyer, who flourished during the early decades of the 9th- …

Is Doherty a gypsy name?

The Origins of the Doherty Name. Doherty is an Irish and Scottish Patronymic name from the Gaelic O’Dochartaigh , meaning ‘descendant of Dochartach’, whose name meant Unlucky or Hurtful.

Is Doherty a Catholic name?

Other Dohertys were also departing – to Scotland or to England or further afield to America. Today there are Doherty families in many parts of Ireland. But the main concentration remains Donegal and the vicinity of Derry. The Dohertys in Ulster can be either Catholic or Protestant.

Why does Doherty mean hurtful?

Doherty Family History The names Doherty and Dougherty are derived from the Gaelic O’Dochartaigh sept that was located on the Inishowen peninsula in County Donegal. The sept name is taken from the Gaelic word ‘dochartach’, meaning ‘hurtful’. The ‘Tribes of Kilkenny’ were ten families, etc.

Is Dougherty Irish or Scottish?

Doherty is an Irish and Scottish Patronymic name from the Gaelic O’Dochartaigh , meaning ‘descendant of Dochartach’, whose name meant Unlucky or Hurtful. Variants are O’Doherty, O’Dougherty, Dougharty, Doghartie, Dogerty, Daugherty, Doggart, Dockert , and Docharty , among others.

How many people have the surname Doherty?

Doherty World Ranking In the United States, the name Doherty is the 1,467th most popular surname with an estimated 19,896 people with that name.

Where in Ireland are the Doherty’s from?