What bore size for a king 3B?

What bore size for a king 3B?

The King 3B trombone is built with a classic jazz trombone style in mind. It features a . 508” bore for excellent control in all ranges of the instrument.

Are King trombones any good?

King trombones (and the Benges made in the same factory) have been consistently very well made, with no manufacturing flaws attributable to careless assembly or bad design.

Is a trombone a jazz instrument?

The trombone is a highly distinctive musical instrument from the brass family which has been a central part of jazz music for more than 100 years now!

Where are king instruments made?

Cleveland, Ohio
King Musical Instruments (originally founded as the H. N. White Company) is a former musical instrument manufacturing company located in Cleveland, Ohio, that used the trade name King for its instruments….King Musical Instruments.

Formerly H. N. White Company (1893–1965) King Musical Instruments (1965–80)
Owner Conn-Selmer

Where are King trombones made?

Eastlake, Ohio
This is a professional tenor trombone made in Eastlake, Ohio, USA. The 3B is one of the larger bore King straight trombones, the classic sound of J.J. Johnson and many other great players. The large 8″ bell and .

What trombone did JJ Johnson use?

Throughout most of his career, J.J. Johnson played a King 3B – an instrument which has maintained itself status as the classic choice of jazz trombone to this very day.

What mouthpiece did JJ Johnson use?

In his autobiography, he states that he started playing a King M21 after his King endorsement because that’s what came with his 3B. He liked it so much he ended up keeping it even after he switched to Yamaha.

Are King trumpets still made?

Currently, Conn-Selmer manages and manufactures King trumpets.

Are King french horns good?

King HN White Double French Horn – 3727XX The horn still plays well and would be good for an intermediate player transitioning to a double horn. “King French Horns have long enjoyed the enthusiastic acclaim of many of the most discriminating artists in symphony orchestras and outstanding concert band organizations.

Which instrument is the queen of instruments?

Traceable to the harp and lyre of antiquity, as well as to the medieval fiddle, the violin began to acquire its present shape and character in the seventeenth century.

What trombone does Wycliffe Gordon play?

“It’s a horn that was made specifically for the way I like to play,” Gordon says about his most oft-used instrument, the YSL-891Z. Today, Wycliffe Gordon is recognized as one of the most skilled jazz trombonists in the world.

Who is the best jazz trombone player ever?

Johnson. Perhaps the best known jazz trombonist of all time, J.J. Johnson was the first one of the earliest musicians on the instrument to play in the bebop style.