What books did Stephen King wrote under Richard Bachman?

What books did Stephen King wrote under Richard Bachman?

Every Stephen King Book Written by “Richard Bachman”

  • Rage (1977) Rage is easily King’s most controversial book, making it a bit funny that he published it under the Richard Bachman name.
  • The Long Walk (1979)
  • Roadwork (1981)
  • The Running Man (1982)
  • Thinner (1984)
  • The Regulators (1996)
  • Blaze (2007)

How many books did Stephen King write as Richard Bachman?

King has published 63 novels, including seven under the pen name Richard Bachman, and five non-fiction books. He has also written approximately 200 short stories, most of which have been published in book collections….

Stephen King
Occupation Author
Alma mater University of Maine
Period 1967–present

What is King’s longest novel?

The Stand
In 1990, an unabridged edition of The Stand was published, billed as The Complete and Uncut Edition. Published in hardcover by Doubleday in May 1990, this became the longest book published by King at 1,152 pages.

Did Richard Bachman know Stephen King?

King concludes that he has yet to find an answer to the “talent versus luck” question, as he felt he was outed as Bachman too early to know. The Bachman book Thinner (1984) sold 28,000 copies during its initial run—and then ten times as many when it was revealed that Bachman was, in fact, King.

What is Stephen Kings real name?

Stephen Edwin King
Stephen King/Full name

Stephen King, in full Stephen Edwin King, (born September 21, 1947, Portland, Maine, U.S.), American novelist and short-story writer whose books were credited with reviving the genre of horror fiction in the late 20th century.

What is Stephen King’s shortest novel?

5 Shortest Stephen King Books:

  • The Cycle of the Werewolf (page count 127)
  • Elevation (page count 144)
  • The Colorado Kid (page count 184)
  • Carrie (page count 199)
  • Rage (page count 211)

What pen name did Stephen King use?

Seven of his books, in fact—most of them published early in his career, between 1977 and 1985. Those were the years when King, a newly established young writer, published secretly under his pseudonym of choice, “Richard Bachman,” enjoying the anonymity for quite some time before his cover was blown.

Is Richard Bach still married?

In 1981, Bach married actress Leslie Parrish, whom he met during the making of the film Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Bach married his third wife, Sabryna Nelson-Alexopoulos, in April 1999. They divorced on April 1, 2011.

Who is Richard Bach’s wife?

Sabryna Nelson-Alexopoulosm. 1999
Leslie Parrishm. 1977–1999Bette Jeanne Franksm. 1957–1970
Richard Bach/Wife