What are themes in a mango-shaped space?

What are themes in a mango-shaped space?

The “So What?” or theme of this book is to try and live a normal life no matter what, because at one point in the book Mia is really disappointed about having this disease; she just wants to be a normal human being. The main character, Mia, thinks positively, and she gets over guilt easily.

Is a mango-shaped space for kids?

The book is recommended for grades 5-8. A 7-hour long audiobook version, narrated by Danielle Ferland, has been produced. The plot focuses on Mia Winchell, a thirteen-year-old girl living with synesthesia, a jumbling of the senses. Words and sounds appear to have color for Mia.

What genre is a mango-shaped space?

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What is the setting of a mango-shaped space?

Present-day Illinois Beyond freezing her toes off, the setting provides the backdrop for the story but doesn’t matter much in the big scheme of things—we could just as easily see Mia growing up in any state.

Why did Mia name Mango Mango?

He was hanging out at her grandpa’s grave the day of the funeral. Mia had to beg her parents to let her keep the stray cat, but finally they agreed. It turns out Mango has a rip in his lung that makes him wheeze all the time. His wheezing looks orange and yellow to Mia, which is why she named him Mango.

What state does a mango shaped space take place?

The story takes place in a small village and at Mia’s house. It takes place in the past and it is told in Mia’s point of view. Part of the book takes place in New, York where the convention is held and where her doctors office is.

What does PIC stand for in a mango shaped space?

Young Adult Literature. As is often the case in young adult lit, A Mango-Shaped Space talks about what it’s like to be a teenager from the perspective of a teen. To this end, Mia is misunderstood by everyone around her, she pulls pranks on people (a.k.a. PIC missions), and she keeps secrets from adults.

Who are the main characters in a mango shaped space?

Billy Henkle
Jenna DavisMia WinchellDr. RandolphAdam
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Is a mango-shaped space accurate?

As both a synesthete and an academic researcher of synesthesia myself, I strongly applaud Wendy Mass’s book A Mango-Shaped Space. The end result is that Mass’s character Mia Winchell is a very accurate depiction of a teenage multiple synesthete.

What does PIC stand for in a mango-shaped space?

What is the main conflict in a mango shaped space?

Mia struggles to overcome adversity and be accepted by everyone, hoping that her peers will overlook the fact that she’s different. Some people think her synesthesia is really interesting, while others make fun of her for it and think that she’s making it up for attention.

What happens to Mia while she is at the cemetery a mango shaped space?

He leaves with Beth, and Mia heads off to the cemetery. Together, Mia and Mango place the painting on her grandpa’s grave. While she’s there, it starts to rain and Mango scrams. She runs home—soaked—without Mango.

What was the theme of the book A Mango Shaped Space?

A Mango-shaped space. The theme of the book is it’s okay to be different. I think this is the theme because Mia Winchell is different from many other people with a mingling of the senses, called synesthesia.

What was the name of mango’s kitten in a Mango Shaped Space?

A Mango-Shaped Space Summary & Study Guide Description. A short time after Mango’s death, Mia discovers the neighbors have kittens, including one that looks very much like Mango. When Mia pets the kitten, she discovers his sounds are the color of mustard. She laughs, knowing that Mustard will be an interesting name for a kitten.

How old is Mia Winchell in a Mango Shaped Space?

As A Mango-Shaped Space begins, Mia Winchell is in the third grade when she first starts to realize that she is not like anyone else. Her symptoms cause her to be ridiculed by her classmates.

Where did Mia find mango in a Mango Shaped Space?

Mia found Mango on the day of her grandfather’s funeral. She and her grandfather were very close, and the kitten was near his grave, so Mia believes Mango has a part of her grandfather’s soul. One morning, Mia discovers that Mango went outside in the freezing cold.