What are the prizes for the search for Greely?

What are the prizes for the search for Greely?


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Treasure Chest Normal Hard
Top Right Phantom Vines Phantom Armor
Bottom Left Greely Wanted Poster Phantom Gauntlets
Bottom Right 1,000 Gems Phantom Tail Armor

How do you get phantom items on Animal Jam?

The Phantom Dimension can be accessed through a Phantom Portal item that players can put in their den. You can buy your own in the Saphire Shop. Once in the Dimension, you can use the Paintseeds that you can collect from Paintseed trees to battle the Phantoms.

How do you get phantom gauntlets on Animal Jam?

This item is obtained by opening the bottom left chest on The Search For Greely hard mode. While worn on a Spring Bunny, the flower pattern appears to surround the phantom pattern. While worn on an Enchanted Eagle, the phantom pattern appears to slightly overlap the rose pattern.

How do you get a Boomseed tree?

The Boomseed Tree is a non-member den item. It can be obtained from the bottom left chest after completing the adventure Meet Cosmo on Hard Mode.

Where is the phantom portal in Animal Jam?

The Phantom Portal is a non-member den item. It was released on April 27, 2017, and it can be obtained from a hidden treasure chest in Storming The Fortress.

What are the names of all the alphas in Animal Jam?

  • Juno.
  • Greely.
  • Peck.
  • Tavie.
  • Liza.
  • Sir Gilbert.
  • Star.
  • Amelia.

What is the biggest house in Animal Jam?

Peck’s Den, Liza’s Garden, and the Sky Kingdom are some of the largest dens sold. The only den available for Jammers during the Beta Testing was larger than most dens currently in the game, with 3 floors but very little space outside the house itself.

What is a phantom animal?

Phantom may refer to: Spirit, the vital principle or animating force within all living things. Ghost, the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear to the living.

How do you get the Phantom set in Ajpw?

In the past, it was only possible to get the Phantom Flight Suit at the Premium Shop for $0.99. Luckily, this year you don’t need to spend real money on it, as long as you have the required amount of Sapphires. You will need to have a total of 50 Sapphires to purchase the entire set.

What is three horned armor worth on Animal Jam?

This item seems to be paired with the Three Horned Tail Armor, Horned Leg Pads, and either the Horn Helmet or Rhino Helmet. It was the most expensive item in Jam Mart Clothing, being 1,500 Gems while other items in Jam Mart Clothing are under 800 Gems….Prize Availability.

Location Chest
The Forgotten Desert White Chest

How do you get a Paintseed tree on Animal Jam?

The Paintseed Tree is a non-member den item that was released on February 1, 2018. It is obtainable through a hidden chest in The River’s Heart.

What does a Paintseed tree do in Ajpw?

The Paintseed Tree regrows 3 seeds every 20 minutes of last being collected. The Paintseeds can be used in the Phantom Dimension to battle Phantoms, or on Phantom Rifts to destroy those.