Is the IO outline graded?

Is the IO outline graded?

How is the IO graded? Students only have one opportunity to take their IO. There are 4 different criteria, each worth 10marks, giving a possible total of 40 marks. You can review the grading structure here.

How many points is the IO out of?

How is the IO conducted? You will be given a form to prepare an outline of your oral in advance. You may not read the outline as a prepared script. The form allows a maximum of 10 bullet points to help structure your oral.

How long should an English Io be?

Extracts should not exceed 40 lines: one (passage from a) literary text, and one (passage/screenshot from a) non-literary text. Students bring clean, unannotated extracts to the exam.

What is English IOC?

our individual oral commentary (IOC) is an internally. assessed and externally moderated task that is worth 15% of your final grade in literature. The task requires you to verbally comment on and analyse an extract from one of the texts that you have studied in part 2 (detailed study) of your course.

How to prepare for IB English individual oral ( Io )?

Remember, waffling is never going to get you points, so make sure you have a clear answer in mind before you respond. Don’t let the questions stump you – come prepared and the questions will be yet another part of the IO to impress the teacher in. CLICK NOW TO FIND OUT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ENGLISH LIT AND ENGLISH LIT & LANG!

What to put on an IOP proposal form?

Complete an IOP proposal form After your proposal is accepted by the teacher, complete an outline and works cited page for an analytical presentation OR a product and statement of intent for a creative presentation.

What are the details of an IB English assessment?

Internal assessment details—SL/HL Individual oral The nature of the task: The individual oral addresses the following prompt. Examine the ways in which the global issue of your choice is presented through the content and form of two of the works that you have studied.

What should I know about the English io?

The English IO is a crucial part of your grade, whether you’re studying Language & Literature or Literature, at HL or SL. We’ve broken down the best tips on how to make sure that you’re going to smash the IO on the day! Whichever subject you’re taking, we guarantee that these tips will put you on the path to success.