Is Oceans of Fun opening 2021?

Is Oceans of Fun opening 2021?

New for 2021 and Events Oceans of Fun will open an all-new attraction Memorial Day Weekend. At 486-feet long, Riptide Raceway will be the longest mat racing slide in the world. Guest will race down five stories on soft foam mats through four side-by-side tunnels and around a thrilling 360-degree loop.

What is the funnest water park ever?

The Coolest Water Parks Around the World

  • Wild Wadi Waterpark, United Arab Emirates.
  • World Waterpark, Canada.
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild, Hawaii.
  • Beach Park, Brazil.
  • Tropical Islands, Germany.
  • Aquaventure Waterpark, Atlantis Palms, United Arab Emirates.
  • Typhoon Lagoon, Walt Disney World Resort, Florida.
  • Yas Waterworld, United Arab Emirates.

How much is it to get into Oceans of Fun?


Gate price Your price
General Admission (ages 3+) tax included $72.85 from $39.99

How deep is the wave pool at Oceans of Fun?

A large wave pool with depths ranging from 0 ft. to 6 ft. Waves are generated for 5 minutes on, and then 5 minutes off. During wave action, strenuous activity is required. Prolonged exposure to wave action may result in fatigue.

Has anyone died at Worlds of Fun?

In 1995, Ryan Bielby, 14, fell to her death from the Timber Wolf roller coaster at Kansas City’s Worlds of Fun. The statistics on how many people die at amusement parks every year are difficult to come by, but the horrifying details always make news headlines.

Do you have to wear a mask at Worlds of Fun 2021?

You will need to pack a mask for each member of your party that’s six years and older. Face coverings are not required when outdoors unless 6-feet of social distancing is not possible. Face coverings are required to be worn in all indoor venues, including restrooms, dining locations and shops.

What is the #1 water park in the world?

1. Siam Park – Tenerife, Spain. Siam Park in Tenerife (part of the Canary Islands) is a kid’s dream. The spacious, Thai-themed park in Spain is filled with lush, tropical plants.

What do you wear to the Oceans of Fun?

Wearing swim shoes or flip flops is a great way to protect your feet. These items are also available in Bender’s Surf Shop if you forgot your pair at home! Make sure to bring close-toed shoes to ride rides in Worlds of Fun, and don’t forget – you’ll also need a shirt and shorts before entering.

Is Fast Pass worth it at Worlds of Fun?

Fast Lane Tickets: If you have older kids or a family who really is interested in the roller coasters and the more popular rides, then the Worlds of Fun Fast Lane Ticket is worth it. It’s pricey, but it does get you to the front of the line more quickly!

Can you bring a water bottle to Worlds of Fun?

Nothing makes you thirstier than playing around in the water all day. Make sure you have plenty of drinking water handy throughout your visit. Unopened water bottles are allowed through our gates but remember that coolers are not permitted.

What are the best parks in Kansas City?

The Castle Parks: Harris Park, Meadowmere Park, and Black Bob Park Why the “Castle Parks” are some of Kansas City’s Best Parks: For your little princesses, princes, knights, and Robin Hood’s merry men, the castle playgrounds are the perfect place to play. The playground is a gigantic castle with slides, fire poles, and climbing equipment.

What are the water parks in Kansas?

One of the top indoor water parks in Kansas can be found at the Great Wolf Lodge and Resort. The Great Wolf Lodge Kansas resort is family-oriented, and not only does it boast a fantastic indoor water park, but some outdoor water park attractions and some great rooms as well.

Is there amusement park in Kansas?

Joyland Amusement Park was an amusement park in Wichita , Kansas, United States. It was in continuous operation for 55 years, from June 12, 1949 to 2004, closing permanently in 2006. It was once the largest theme park in central Kansas and featured a wooden roller coaster and 24 other rides.