Is beekeeping legal in Virginia?

Is beekeeping legal in Virginia?

The Virginia Bee Law authorizes an apiary inspection program which promotes the science of beekeeping, as well as regulates the movement of honey bees into the state and the sale of bees, queens and used bee equipment. …

How do I become a beekeeper in Virginia?

To apply, you can submit an application online or by mail; you will have to create an account online before submitting the application. You can mail the application to VDACS Office of Plant Industry Services/Beehive Distribution Program, P.O. Box 1163, Richmond, VA 23218.

Can you Beekeep in your backyard?

Overturning a 136-year-old ban, the Los Angeles City Council voted on Wednesday to legalize urban beekeeping. The ordinance will limit beekeeping to backyards of single family homes and establish buffer zones, and beekeepers will have to provide a source of water at their hives, according to the Associated Press.

What is needed to keep bees?

What equipment do I need to start beekeeping? In addition to your bees, you’ll need a beekeeping suit, plus gloves, smoker and a hive tool. When it comes to clothing, go for a maximum protection to avoid stings.

Who do I call if I have a bee problem?

The best solution for bee removal is to call a beekeeper or a pest management professional. They have the necessary protective gear and are well versed in what methods work for the type of bee you have near your home.

Do I need a permit to keep bees?

The need to obtain a license to keep bees will depend on the regulations in your local area. We recommend you check with your local primary industries and agriculture authorities, or link up with your nearest beekeepers’ association to find out what is required in your jurisdiction before you set up a new hive.

Do you need a license to Beekeep?

When does Tegart apiaries Honey Open in Alberta?

TEGART APIARIES HONEY is seeking for the 2020 season (Dec 15, 2019 – Nov 15, 2020): 4 APIARY TECHNICIANS min 3+ years experience at a Canadian commercial apiary or equivalent.

Where can I get an apiary in Virginia Beach?

Apiaries located in Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Smithfield, Newport News and Virginia Beach. Delivery is $0.50 a loaded mile, I pay for the return trip. $50.00 for a three week pollination period. Will barter in lieu of fee. Call to coordinate delivery and pick up dates.

Where to get the best honey in Virginia?

Saint Mary’s Apiaries, founded by Mary ​Cash, sells the best local bees and honey in Virginia. Saint Mary’s “Blest bees” are locally mated survivor stock. They have some Italian and Saskatraz genetics but are mostly New World Carniolan queens that were purchased from Bob Binnie of Blue Ridge Honey Company.

Where to buy honey in Blue Ridge Mountains?

Visit Saint Mary’s Apiary! Saint Mary’s Apiary is located just down the road from the well known St. Mary’s Wilderness Area, which is located in the national forest along the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Plan a visit for a quick tour and buy our amazing local honey straight from my bees to you.