How much torque does a Detroit Diesel have?

How much torque does a Detroit Diesel have?

The Detroit Diesel DD13 is a 12.8L inline-six engine designed to put out 470 hp at 1,800 rpm, along with a steady 1,650 lb-ft of torque that starts at just 1,100 rpm.

How much horsepower does a 6v53 have?

The 6V-53 (210 hp) powers the widely used M113A1 and M113A2 family which has evolved into the 6V-53T (275 hp), powering the upgraded M730 Chaparral and M113A3 vehicles….6V53.

Property Value
Engine power output (h.p.) 215
Number of cylinders 6
Cylinder bore (mm) 98

How much torque does a 453 Detroit have?

The torque output in 85 degree Fahrenheit temperature was 282 foot-pounds at 1,800 rpm. The 453T–turbocharged–could get power outputs as high as 175 horsepower at 2,500 rpm.

How much torque does a 318 Detroit have?

A 318 is a very tuff engine, they have the same power characteristics as any other engine full torque at 1200. and you drive them between 1300 and 1550.

Which Detroit engine is the best?

1. Detroit Diesel Series 60. Why We Love It: Hands down the Detroit Diesel Series 60 is the best diesel engine ever produced for the class 8 world.

What is the biggest Detroit Diesel engine?

Detroit® DD16® truck engine
The Detroit® DD16® truck engine is the biggest, toughest, most powerful engine Detroit has ever produced. With a wide, flat torque curve, and delivering up to 2050 lb/ft and 600 HP, it tackles your hardest jobs while performing with the fuel efficiency and reliability you’ve come to count on from Detroit.

Are Detroit Diesels supercharged?

Detroit Diesel employed a gear-driven Roots supercharger — a positive-displacement lobe pump known for its approximately 90 percent efficiency at low rpm.

What is the smallest Detroit Diesel engine?

The proven 8.5L Series 50 engine is the smaller, four-cylinder version of the Series 60, with the same heavy-duty qualities. With a horsepower range from 250HP to 350HP, this was the ideal engine for applications where high torque and horsepower are demanded.

What is the best Detroit Diesel engine?

How big is a 6V53 Detroit Diesel engine?

Here are some general specifications for the 6V53 Detroit Diesel. •2 cycle, 6 cylinder engine •Bore: 3.875 inches or 98 mm •Stroke: 4.5 inches or 98 mm

What are the specs of a Detroit 6-53 N?

Specifications. The 6-53N is a six-cylinder engine with a total piston displacement of 318 cubic inches, or 5.2 liters. The bore 3.875 inches and the stroke is 4.5 inches and the engine has a compression ratio of 17:1. The engine is a two cycle-Vee. Depending upon its application, the engine has a total horsepower output of 215 to 400 at 2,800 rpm.

How much horsepower does a Detroit Diesel have?

To visit, please click here: Here are some general specifications for the 6V53 Detroit Diesel. •Total Displacement: 318 inches or 5.22 liters. The specs for the horsepower is measured as brake horsepower. This is at 500ft elevation with an air temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit. For some of the engine arrangements, this data is presented below:

What is the compression ratio of a Detroit Diesel engine?

The compression ratio is 17:1 for standard engines or 21:1 for natural engines. This engine is used in tractors, generators, boat engines and much more, and is sometimes called the GM 6V53 or the V6-53 Detroit Diesel. The cooling system holds 3.5 gallons, or 13.2 liters. • Industrial use, between 170-187 degrees F at 2500 RPM.