How long is residency in emergency medicine?

How long is residency in emergency medicine?

3-4 years
Length of Residencies

Specialty Length of Training*
Emergency Medicine 3-4 years
Family Practice 3 years
General Surgery 5 years
Internal Medicine 3 years

How competitive is emergency medicine 2020?

In 2020, emergency medicine had a total of 3,115 applicants and 2,665 spots. This equates to 1.17 applicants per position. Of the 1,697 U.S. MD seniors who applied, 156 did not match.

How long is emergency medicine fellowship?

one year
EMS Fellowships are one year in length.

Is emergency medicine residency hard?

Residency is hard, and you have to take care of yourself. Work hours may have improved since our forefathers trained, but residents still work a lot and are exposed to high-stress situations with life-and-death consequences.

Is emergency medicine a competitive specialty?

Emergency medicine is a moderately competitive specialty. In working with residency applicants and examining Match data, we have seen the popularity of emergency medicine as a career increase in recent years.

Are ER doctors respected?

Nobody “likes” anyone who continuously gives them “work.” This is often the view many physicians take towards the ED physician. The reality is that it takes someone very special, dedicated, and knowledgeable to see the patients we do, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and keep them alive. For that, we are respected.

Is emergency medicine a dying field?

We pawn off procedures and shift responsibility to all but ourselves, all secondary to what has become a pervasive fear of ownership, baked-in to training curricula and rife throughout our literature and conversation. Emergency medicine is dying. It needs resuscitation.