How do you use Allegro marinade?

How do you use Allegro marinade?


  1. Cut each steak lengthwise in half.
  2. Marinate both sides of meat with Allegro Original Marinade for 30-45 minutes.
  3. In a hot, heavy skillet, add 2 1/2 tablespoons of butter.
  4. Return all meat to pan.
  5. Whisk into the pan the Madeira (wine), reserved marinade, mustard and salt and pepper to taste.

Is Allegro marinade good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Always keep on hand. Love this marinade. I have used it on beef, pork, chicken, and seafood. With some marinades if you leave it in too long it over does the taste.

Can you cook with Allegro marinade?

Allegro makes three BBQ sauce flavors: Original, Spicy and Honey and the Gold Buckle Brisket & Fajita Sauce. No matter if it’s used as a condiment on a sandwich, used to baste meat during cooking/grilling or on your pizza Allegro’s line of sauces will help make food taste better!

Can you inject Allegro marinade?

Allegro Original Marinade Inject Allegro into the shoulder—the more, the better. Place in smoker and keep temperature around 220 degrees. This is a long process, so be patient.

How long does Allegro Marinade last?

Refrigerate for up to 24 hours.

Does Allegro Marinade need to be refrigerated?

When Marinating remember these Allegro Safety Tips: Always marinate under refrigeration. Do not reuse marinades that have been exposed to raw meat. Any open bottles of unused marinade should be refrigerated.

Can you marinade steak too long?

You can marinate chicken, steak, pork, and lamb for too long. And the meat doesn’t like that at all. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t marinate meat for more than a day.

Is Dry Rub better than marinade?

The quick answer: In addition to adding flavor, a marinade also tenderizes meat, while a dry rub does not. A marinade is a mixture of spices, plus an acidic liquid like vinegar, citrus or wine. The acidity helps tenderize tougher cuts of meat while also intensifying the flavor.