How do you get the scarab gun?

How do you get the scarab gun?

The Scarab gun is obtained by ‘tricking’ the game into loading the Highway tunnel and then returning to the water, jumping up, then landing on the wall. The Warthog flies past, like it would if you were in the tunnel.

Can you get the Scarab Gun in Halo 2 Anniversary?

It is unlocked by acquiring the Scarab Gun on Metropolis. The achievement is worth 20 Gamerscore and can be unlocked on any difficulty. The Scarab Gun is a hidden Plasma Rifle with the firepower of a Type-47A Scarab’s focus cannon. It is hidden in the Halo 2 level Metropolis.

How tall is a scarab from Halo?

Type-47B Scarab

Type-47B Ultra-Heavy Assault Platform
T-47B Alt. Chassis T-47B Alt. Chassis
Length: 48.6 meters (159 ft)
Width: 48.3 meters (158 ft)
Height: 38.7 meters (127 ft)

How do you beat the scarab in Halo 3?

Use your rocket launcher to take down the Brutes and work your way to the back of the Scarab to find the control room. Melee the shield to destroy it, then melee the console twice more to take it down. Now you only have about 10 seconds to get the hell off the Scarab before it explodes, so move fast.

Who gets Scarab Lord title?

Attention! The Scarab Lord title can only be awarded to one player per server. Any player who completes Bang a Gong! within 10 hours of it first being turned in will receive a Black Qiraji Battle Tank mount, regardless of faction.

How do you get the scarab gun in Halo 2?

Take out rest of the enemies and lure the banshee through the second gate, make sure you hit the check point at the second gate first. After taking out all the enemy start luring the banshee in to the small tunnel and through the hole.

Where is the soccer ball in Halo 2?

There’s a giant soccer ball that you can discover in the same level too, try to find it after you get the weapon, you can only find it when you are in the banshee, and you can kick it around by shooting your gun at it. Thanks!

What’s the hardest part of getting the scarab gun?

The hardest part is the tunnel, After going through the square space, there’s two paths lead to the left and right, each lead to a hole and a right hole goes straight up it is not the one you normally go, the left one leads out. The loading point is in the left hole, make sure the banshee don’t end up in the right hole or you are screwed.

How do you kill Banshee in Halo 2?

Make sure you keep some distance between you and the banshee, if it gets too close or to far from you it will head back out of the tunnel and you’ll have go back out and lure it in again. Kill everything you see in the way and make sure you hit the check points before the banshee does or banshee will disappear.