How do you get both rewards for the replicated man?

How do you get both rewards for the replicated man?

To get both rewards without risking Harkness’ memory, tell him who he is and ask what he plans to do about Zimmer. Before choosing any other dialogue option, offer to kill Zimmer. Harkness will hand the Lone Wanderer his trusty A3-21’s plasma rifle and the player character will earn good Karma.

Can’t tell Harkness He’s an android?

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Convince Harkness that he is an android. To do this, you need proof from either Pinkerton or Doctor Preston.
  2. Tell Zimmer that Harkness is the android.
  3. Show Zimmer the android component obtained from Victoria Watts and convince him the android is dead.

Is Dr Zimmer a synth?

Dr. Zimmer is not a synth. He says that he is from the commonwealth and is part of a Faction called the institute and a person who says that they work for an organization called the railroad try’s to stop him.

How do you kill Dr Zimmer?

You can’t kill Zimmer until after he mind-wipes Harkness because he will still have mission-essential status. You can blow his head off after that, but Harkness will just stand around all day waiting to be reprogrammed. Moralistically, you can’t have your cake and eat it too with this quest.

Who is the missing Android in Fallout 3?

When you find and speak to Pinkerton, he’ll initially act like he has no idea what you’re talking about in regard to the android. But if you press him (and it won’t take much), he’ll reveal to you that the android Dr. Zimmer speaks is none other than Rivet City’s very own chief of security, Harkness!

How do you get Angela and Diego together?

Give Angela ant queen pheromones to seduce Diego. They can can be acquired from Cindy Cantelli in Rivet City Marketplace’s A Quick Fix or by killing a giant ant queen, such as the one in the quest Those!. Convince Diego to abandon the church in favor of Angela.

Where is the broken bow in Rivet City?

Although technically a part of Rivet City, the Rivet City bow consists of the broken-off front third of the aircraft carrier.

Is Dr Zimmer from the institute?

Zimmer is the leader of the Institute’s Synth Retention Bureau, who is temporarily staying at Rivet City in 2277.

Where is the underworld in Fallout 3?

the Museum of History
The entrance to Underworld is located within the Museum of History beneath a giant skull. A Brotherhood of Steel outpost is located nearby the museum, and there are super mutants across the road at The Mall.

Where is Mei Wong fallout3?

Rivet City
She was born in 2247. She lives in the common room of Rivet City and can usually be found there or in the Rivet City market. Mei can sometimes be found outside, wandering the flight deck, near James Hargrave and C.J.

What to do with the replicated man in Fallout 3?

Well, naturally, you have options. On the one hand, you can tell Harkness so he can get away from Zimmer. Or, you can tell Zimmer that Harkness is the man you’re looking for. Hell, you can do both if you really want to. But we did the right thing here.

Where is Harkness the replicated man in Fallout 3?

— Harkness The Replicated Man is a Fallout 3 side quest. It is a PC and Xbox 360 achievement, and PS3 trophy. The quest follows the story of an unidentified humanoid robotic prototype, an android, who is hiding from its creator somewhere in the Capital Wasteland.

Who are the members of the railroad in Fallout?

Herbert Dashwood, Tulip, Father Clifford and Manya are also members of the Railroad. She asks the player to tell Dr. Zimmer that the android is dead, and gives them a piece of his body to support the claim. If the quest has not been started yet (e.g. the holotapes have been obtained, but not viewed), it will then begin.

Where are the missing androids in Fallout 3?

Search for clues about Zimmer’s missing androids. (Optional) Discover what Dr. Preston knows about the android. Find out what Pinkerton at Rivet City knows about the android. Rivet City is a settlement at the far southeastern end of the Capital Wasteland.