How do you do a document cover test?

How do you do a document cover test?

The unilateral cover test is performed by having the patient focus on an object then covering the fixating eye and observing the movement of the other eye. If the eye was exotropic, covering the fixating eye will cause an inwards movement; and esotropic if covering the fixating eye will cause an outwards movement.

What is a normal cover uncover test?

The single cover test is a test is used to determine if there is a heterotropia or tropia, which is a manifest strabismus or misalignment that is always present. The first eye is covered for approximately 1-2 seconds. As this eye is covered, the uncovered eye is observed for any shift in fixation.

What is the purpose of the cover uncover test?

The cover-uncover test is generally performed first. The cover-uncover test is useful to identify a tropia and differentiate it from a phoria. The test is done by using an opaque or translucent occluder to cover one eye.

What is a cover eye test?

A cover test is an eye exam that determines if a patient has any ocular deviation. Essentially, the test is measuring eye alignment and trying to figure out whether one eye is working harder than the other is. During a cover test, one eye is covered while the other eye focuses on an object within the room.

How do you perform an ocular motility test?

When testing motility, assess the eye alignment in primary gaze (consider using the Hirschberg test) and then have the patient move the eyes in an “H” pattern, as shown in Figure 1. Using your finger, a light or a toy, trace an “H” pattern in front of the patient while instructing them to hold their head still.

How do you do an alternate cover test?

After the direction of the deviation has been identified, it is time to measure the magnitude with the help of the prism bars. To do this, a prism can be placed in front of one of the eyes as you repeat the alternating cover test. If the patient has a tropia, place the prism in front of the deviating eye.

How is strabismus diagnosed?

Strabismus is diagnosed during an eye examination. Evaluation of the eyes and vision should be performed in the pediatrician’s office at every well-child visit. But if your child is having symptoms of strabismus or other eye disorders at any age, a complete eye examination by an ophthalmologist should be performed.

How do you perform an alternate cover test?

VI. Technique: Alternate Cover Test

  1. Child fixates on a point (e.g. small toy, penlight)
  2. Cover one eye for 1-2 seconds.
  3. Rapidly uncover the first eye and cover the second for 1-2 seconds.
  4. Rapidly uncover the second eye and cover the first again for 1-2 seconds.
  5. Observe for refixation (suggests hidden phoria)

What are the test for ocular motility?

How do you describe ocular motility?

The term ocular motility refers to the study of the twelve extraocular muscles and their impact on eye movement. Each eye has six muscles, four rectus and two oblique, which, when functioning properly, allow the eyes to work together in a wide range of gaze.