How do you connect your Blackberry to WIFI?

How do you connect your Blackberry to WIFI?

Connect to a Wi-Fi network using the PIN method

  1. On the Home screen, click the Manage Connections icon.
  2. Click Set Up Wi-Fi Network.
  3. Click Scan for Networks.
  4. Click the access point or router that is enabled with Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
  5. In the dialog box that appears, click Next.

Does Blackberry 9900 have wifi?

The device will scan for available Wi-Fi networks. Scroll to and select the desired Wi-Fi network to connect. If the network is an “Open” network or an “AT Hotspot”, the device will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network. will display when Wi-Fi is connected to a network.

How do I check my Blackberry Internet connection?

For more information on Data connection visit and navigate to the applicable smartphone to open and view the User Guide. Within the user guide, refer to the section Settings > Connections > Check which wireless networks your device connects to.

Why is my BlackBerry not connecting to Wi-Fi?

BlackBerry PlayBook Settings Issues: On the status bar, tap the Wi-Fi indicator and verify that the switch is set to On. Verify that the time on the BlackBerry PlayBook is synchronized with the network time. If the Wi-Fi network was manually switched and does not work, try manually switching to another Wi-Fi network.

Why is my BlackBerry WIFI not working?

Verify that you’re in a Wi-Fi coverage area. If you’re connecting to a home network, check and see if other wireless devices are able to connect. If other devices can’t connect, you might need to reset your router (if you do not run the Wi-Fi network, contact the owner before resetting the wireless router).

Does BlackBerry have Internet?

BlackBerry was once the internet in your hand, but now it’s for people who want to go offline.

How to set up speed dial on BlackBerry Bold 9000?

• To view your contact list in the phone, hold the Sendkey. • To set up speed dial for a contact, on the Home screen or in the phone, hold a key. • To add an extension to a phone number, press the Altkey and the Xkey. Type the extension number. • To type a letter in a phone number field, press the Altkey and the letter key.

What’s the latest OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000?

If you’re a Bold 9000 owner and didn’t get in on the fun yesterday, today Rogers also released OS for download. This is the newest official 5.0 for the Bold 9000 so hopefully it will run smooth. It’s the same version AT popped out yesterday, so if you’ve still got old faithful on your hip then you might want to give it a shot.

Which is the first BlackBerry to have WiFi?

The BlackBerry Bold 9000 was the first BlackBerry to have Wi-Fi, GPS, and 3G in one device. Though clearly the spiritual successor to the BlackBerry 8800, the leather battery door introduced a great feeling of luxury, and the larger keyboard afforded easier typing. The 9000 was followed up by the Bold 9700 and 9900 series.

How to move cursor on BlackBerry Bold 9000?

• To move the cursor, roll the trackball. • To move back a screen, press the Escapekey. • To move to a list item or menu item, type the first letter of the item. • To select or clear a check box, press the Spacekey. • To view available values in a field, press the Altkey. • To switch applications, hold the Altkey and press the Escapekey.