How do I contact BBC Click?

How do I contact BBC Click?

We can be reached on [email protected]. We can’t guarantee a reply, as we receive so many messages a day, but we’ll try our best. We have Feedback sections in the programme regularly so you could hear yourselves then.

Where is the BBC media Centre?

West London
White City Place is the name given to the collection of buildings formerly known as BBC Media Village (or W12 within the BBC). White City Place is a collection of six buildings occupying a 17-acre site at Wood Lane, White City in West London (W12), a short distance down Wood Lane from BBC Television Centre.

How do you contact BBC news?

Contact us

  • By email. [email protected].
  • On Twitter.
  • By telephone. 0370 010 6676.
  • By post. Newswatch. W1 NBH 03D. BBC Broadcasting House. London W1A 1AA.

Where do I send a press release to BBC?

About the BBC Press Office website You can send an email direct to the BBC Press Office via the Press Enquiries page.

What is the email address for BBC Breakfast?

[email protected].
By email. Email us on [email protected].

What is the email address for BBC?

Contact BBC News

Postal address BBC Broadcasting House London W1A 1AA
YouTube bbcnews
Main email [email protected]
Studio email [email protected]
Personal email [email protected]

Is BBC a media?

Headquartered at Broadcasting House in London, it is the world’s oldest national broadcaster, and the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees, employing over 22,000 staff in total, of whom more than 19,000 are in public-sector broadcasting.

How many studios are in the TV Centre?

three TV studios
Television Centre’s three TV studios host live audience recordings every day, bringing a unique atmosphere and ever-changing creative buzz to life here. In-house expertise by BBC Studioworks and industry-leading technology allows these studios to host some of Britain’s biggest and best productions.

How do you email BBC news?

BBC News is providing extensive coverage and information about the coronavirus pandemic and answering common questions (you can get in touch by emailing YourQuestio[email protected] or using the hashtag #BBCYourQuestions on Twitter).

How do I contact news media with a story?

Let’s dive into the seven steps to get local press coverage:

  1. Write Your Press Release.
  2. Find Local Media Outlets.
  3. Find the Right Media Contacts.
  4. Craft Your Email Query (aka Pitch)
  5. Send Your Pitch Email & Follow Up.
  6. Respond to Journalists.
  7. Cultivate a Relationship With Journalists.

How do I email BBC morning live?

By email. Email us on [email protected].

How can I contact the BBC press office?

Journalists can contact the BBC Press Office via the email form on this page. The BBC Press Office email inbox is regularly checked during opening hours. Enquiries will be responded to as quickly as possible.

Is it possible to contact BBC World News TV?

BBC World News TV welcomes the chance to engage with our global audience and we have a customer relations team dedicate d to managing our relationship with you. Due to the large number of emails that we receive everyday, it is worth noting that we cannot guarantee individual responses.

Where can I make a complaint about the BBC?

Staff members of UK, Irish or Benelux-based press outlets, ie picture editors, picture researchers and journalists, can apply for access to the website. If you are not making a press enquiry, please contact the BBC here. If you wish to make a complaint, please go to BBC Complaints.

How to make a press enquiry about the BBC?

If you are not making a press enquiry, please contact the BBC here. If you wish to make a complaint, please go to BBC Complaints. Press releases and media packs can be found by date (from August 2011 onwards), by search and, for more recent releases, by category. Press releases and media packs before this date can be found in our archive.