How do I change the date and time on my armitron watch?

How do I change the date and time on my armitron watch?

Look for and press the Mode button of your Armitron watch. It will change the part of the watch that is flashing on your screen. This step will allow you to switch between changing the hour, minutes, day, as well as the date. Keep on pressing the Mode button until you set the value you that you need to change.

How do I make my watch stop beeping?

How do I stop the watch from beeping every hour? Answer: Press and hold the bottom right button; this displays the alarm. At the same time, press the bottom left to toggle the hourly chime.

How do I make my armitron watch silent?

From Time Telling Mode, press and hold ‘A’ and press ‘B’ once. All of the Days of the Week appear to indicate that the Hourly Chime is activated and will sound every hour on the hour. 4. Press and hold ‘A’ and press ‘B’ once again to deactivate the Hourly Chime.

How do you set the date on an Armitron watch?

While each model is slightly different, most follow similar instructions when you’re trying to set the time and date. Armitron digital watches use buttons to change the time and date, while analog watches use a rotating crown piece. Once you set your Armitron watch, you won’t lose track of the time again!

How much does an Armitron all sport watch cost?

The Armitron All-Sport watch, available for men and women, retails for under $20 in 2010. In addition to displaying the time, Armitron All-Sport watches can function as a timer and have an alarm. To use this watch properly, you need to know how to program it.

What kind of Watch is the Armitron 408231rdgy?

Mens Watch Armitron 408231RDGY Chronograph Digital Sport This digital chronograph has a special masculine character. These men’s watches remind everyone of the famous Casio G-Shock. These watches have such functions as chronograph, stopwatch, countdown timer, hour timer, date display, day of the week and battery charge indicator.

Where is the set button on the Armitron all sport?

Locate the four metal buttons next to the face of the watch at four corners around the dial face. The user manual for the Armitron All-Sport watch labels the top button on the left “A,” the bottom left as “B,” the top right button as “C” and the bottom right as “D.” Press and hold the “set” button, “A,” to set the time and date on your watch.