How did Blue horse matinee die?

How did Blue horse matinee die?

Tragic news rocketed through the horse world this morning from Denmark, where the sensational dressage mare Blue Hors Matine was euthanized following a freak paddock accident at Blue Hors Stud.

Who rode Blue Hors Matine?

Andreas Helgstrand
The 13-year-old Danish Warmblood mare was bred by Inger B. Katballe and was ridden by Andreas Helgstrand throughout her career. The pair won bronze in the grand prix special at the World Equestrian Games at Aachen in 2006, and an internet video of Matiné at the games (above) has been viewed 11.5 million times.

What is competitive horse dancing called?

Dressage (/ˈdrɛsɑːʒ/ or /drɪˈsɑːʒ/; a French term, most commonly translated to mean “training”) is a form of horse riding performed in exhibition and competition, as well as an art sometimes pursued solely for the sake of mastery.

Who is the best dressage rider?

Famous Dressage Riders

  • Isabell Werth. As the most decorated dressage rider, Isabell Werth has dominated the dressage scene since the 1990s.
  • Steffen Peters. Credit: World Dressage Masters (Flickr)
  • Charlotte Dujardin. Credit: Franz Venhaus (Flickr)
  • Laura Graves.
  • Anky van Grunsven.
  • Valegro.
  • Totilas.
  • Verdades.

What happened to the horse matinee?

Danish dressage star Blue Hors Matine has been euthanized after breaking her leg in her field, according to Horse and Hound. The 13-year-old gray mare (by Silver Moon) broke her right forelimb at the knee while out with pasture buddy Blue Hors Cavan.

Who owns Blue Hors stud?

Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen
Blue Hors owner and chairman of the board is Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, who made his fortune with the family toy business LEGO.

What is the highest dressage score ever?

Moorlands Totilas and Edward Gal of The Netherlands set a new world record today for the highest score ever awarded in an FEI dressage freestyle: 92.30.

What does Blue Horse mean?

Commissioned as public art for the airport and installed in 2008, the horse represents the wild spirit of the old American west. It has also come to represent death, destruction, and deluded debates.

Who Painted a Blue Horse?

Franz Marc

Blue Horses
Artist Franz Marc
Year 1911
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 105.7 cm × 181.2 cm (415⁄8 in × 715⁄16 in)

Who is the best equestrian in the world?

Table: The Top Ranked Athletes from Equestrian at the Olympic Games (including 2021)

rank name country
1 Isabell Werth Germany
2 Reiner Klimke Germany
3 Hans Günter Winkler Germany
4 Charles Pahud de Mortanges Netherlands

Who is the rider of Blue Hors Matine?

She seemed to appear out of nowhere and, under rider Andreas Helgstrand, won the Grand Prix for Denmark, along with silver in the Freestyle (kur), although 9 million YouTube viewers would probably have placed her first.

Why did Blue Hors Matine not give birth?

She suffered long term tendon injuries. Blue Hors Matine was expected to continue as a broodmare. The horse forums around the world are saddened by this unexpected turn of events. People think she was in foal and due to give birth soon. But I read on one site that she was to be inseminated this coming spring by another of the Blue Hors horses.

Why was Matine turned out with Blue Hors Cavan?

According to an announcement from the stud, Matine was turned out with another former Danish dressage superstar, the gelded Blue Hors Cavan. A passerby noticed that something was wrong with the mare and notified stud staff in the riding hall.