How can I customize my saree?

How can I customize my saree?

If you want to completely transform a plain saree sitting at home, then just pick a trim floral border in a contrast colour to the saree, and stich it onto the border of the saree. You can also stitch the blouse with the same floral material and this way it will make your saree look modern and chic.

Can I design my own saree?

To design your own half and half sarees all you have to do is purchase two fabrics in different colors and patterns of your choice and get them stitched together. Add lace or sequins borders to make them look more beautiful.

Which saree fabric is best for daily wear?

Latest Daily Use Sarees

  • Cotton. Cotton is my favorite material for daily wear sarees and as formal attires and forms the best fabric for plain saree.
  • Georgette. Georgette sarees are lightweight and easily draping.
  • Blended Sarees. What else could be better than lustrous silk and soothing cotton!
  • Linen.
  • Tant Saree.
  • Chiffon.

How are sarees designed?

In modern times, saris are increasingly woven on mechanical looms and made of artificial fibres, such as polyester, nylon, or rayon, which do not require starching or ironing. They are printed by machine, or woven in simple patterns made with floats across the back of the sari.

Can I make saree from fabric?

You just need to pick a fabric and stitch it with your creative embellishing ideas and get your own customized piece at home. 5.5 meters of fabric is enough for turning it into a saree. You can also create a designer saree for your wedding with lovely embellishments.

How much fabric do I need for a saree?

Standard Sarees : Length of a standard saree is 5.50 meters, approximately 6 yards. Width of saree is 1.15 meters (approx.). Length of blouse fabric is 80 cms approx.

How do I know if my saree is good quality?

A genuine silk saree will have minor variations in the evenness of the texture which is quite noticeable. 10. One of the best test is the burn test where you need to burn few threads of the silk and it should get burnt with the smell of a burnt hair. The ash produced is black, crispy and brittle.